Reading Fixation

I remember when I grew up that books always were a part of my world. I applied for my first library card in the first grade and quickly spent day after day reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. Through middle school I moved up through the ranks of reading most of the children’s books and my mother knew I could handle reading some adult mysteries.

Right now as an adult my tastes have moved into 90% non-fiction and still the great mysteries by authors like William Tapply, Robert Parker, and J.A. Konrath to name a few. I’ve been on a self-improvement, personal development journey for the past three years. I guess it first started when I was looking at improving my mental game when it comes to bowling. So I read about visualization/ meditation techniques, then from there discovered works by authors like Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, John Maxwell, and Anthony Robbins among others. I’ve read 700 books over the last 3 years- the librarians in my local city know me by first and last name and they have an excellent idea when inter-library loan books come in which ones tend to be mine.

I am one who will read 3-4 books at the same time, and take notes as I go along. I try not to read books about the same subject matter at the same time- so I will often read a self-improvement book, then a business book and possibly a book on psychology so I can give my brain a chance to observe, reflect and absorb the information at a pace I can handle.

Feel free to let me know about some of the books that you are currently reading and discovering as I’m always on the look out for more rich reading material. In my opinion you can never read enough- as stated above in my original post, I agree with Brian Tracy’s assessment of continuous learning is the key to success in today’s economy. If you aren’t spending the time keeping up with the latest knowledge and applications in your preferred field, someone else will be and they will get ahead stronger and faster than you as a result.

What am I reading now?

No Matter What! by Lisa Nichols : She is one of the featured teachers in The Secret, and I think she provides an excellent look into 9 steps or “muscles” as she calls them to getting a better life that you deserve. Unlike other self-help authors that aren’t willing to provide concrete examples, Lisa gives you a direct look into her life which I believe aids the reader in the understanding of the concepts. No one person leads a perfect life, and Lisa realizes that these steps are a daily workout to achieving the balance and love that you desire for your personal and professional world.

The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt: Tara provides a comprehensive look into applying social networking websites to build your brand or business. She doesn’t merely look at one type of business, she takes snapshots into the music industry, winery, and non-profit organizations as well as exploring the concepts of what is and isn’t acceptable to establish credibility in the social networking sector. You’ll have a ton of websites you may not have been aware of to discover and explore, and I think she establishes a great platform for connecting people in today’s technology.

Stirring It Up by Gary Hirshberg: CE-Yo (as he calls himself) of Stonyfield Farm, Gary looks into the world of ecology and green practices within the business world. I’m 40 pages in as this material can be quite heady to wrap your head around, but so far I do enjoy the look into how businesses can work to be environmentally conscious and still offer great products.

That’s all for now- take care and I hope you are having a great day! I’m on vacation for the week so I have plans to spend time with both of my daughters, one is babysitting until the afternoon but the other is home with me as day camp doesn’t start until next week.



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