The Bowling Fraternity

I’m experiencing a rare phenomenon in my bowling career. There’s a distinct possibility that based on my decent bowling abilities, I’m going to have to bowl in a different league.

Two years ago I gained the chance to bowl on a high average 5 man team as a sub. I bowled for them 10 weeks, and the following season I got the chance to bowl with this team full time. The season is broken into two halves, and out of the 35 weeks we only maintained first place at one week- the final week of the first half of the season. We finished in a 3 way tie for second place for the second half. The league had a handicap base of 90% of 230, and it was a 24 team league. Two of our five regulars averaged over 230 (one at 235, the other 232) and our other three starters were at 228 (me), 222 and 221. Three other bowlers in the league also averaged 230 or better. There were nights that we would bowl 3700 as a team scratch and split the points with the opponents (8 point system, 2 per game and 2 for total).

During the last week of league we heard a rumor that some teams went to the league secretary and talked about instituting an average cap limit per team. The number we heard would be one that would keep 23 teams in the league- and break us up. To say I was upset would be an understatement. I could understand if we ran away with the lead and no other team had a chance. That wasn’t the case.

We are essentially going to have to find another league to bowl in or break up- because a lot of the teams are intimidated by a team of seasoned league and tournament bowlers.

I guess I’ve never experienced this in my 33 year bowling career. You would think as adults people would want to better themselves and excel, and the only way to do so is to challenge yourself. It’s a type of discrimination I’ve never felt before- at any point in my life.

We have an impending league meeting next month where the new rules of the league will be discussed and decided. All 5 of the regulars are going to try their best to attend this meeting- as I want to know what the theory behind a cap in a handicap league is as well as if other ideas can be implemented (raising the percentage of handicap, or raising the average base for the league).

Another test to my mental fortitude I guess.



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