Daily Personal Development

As humans we change and grow every day- generating new cells as old ones die. Life doesn’t stand still- it’s moving at a pace faster than at any time in human history. How we learn and the communication devices available to us because of technology keep us in touch with each other instantaneously.

I’ve been working on my personal development for years. Keeping up on my skill set while adding to it as best as I can. Reading as many books as I can- writing daily in a written journal as well as my thoughts through this blog. Reaching out to others as well- friends, family and acquaintances that I’ve met through the internet.

Improving in all areas of your life can be overwhelming, so how I approach daily personal development is setting goals, approaching them with a deadline and only working on a few goals at one particular time. While I may have a large list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, there’s no way I could set 300 goals and expect to achieve them within the next year.

Some of the things I want to accomplish within the next year include:

– Bowling a sanctioned 800 series in tournament or league competition for 3 games.

– Developing an information product relating to my interests in helping unsigned, independent bands achieve their dreams in the music business.

– Become proficient in a new language, probably German or Italian.

– Set a date night with my wife at least twice a month, and also plan a week long vacation with my family to a destination away from New England.

This is the short list, as I’m consistently thinking of new things that I want to accomplish. I do know that you have to set a goal, list the obstacles and shortcuts that may happen on the way to achieving this goal, assess the tools and resources you have at your disposal, and think about what skill sets you may need in order to see these goals to fruition.

I’ll keep you posted on the accomplishments and climb that will happen on the way. As you know, juggling work and family as well as personal goals can be a challenge- but it’s one I welcome and will not walk away from.

What types of goals are you setting this year? What are some of your big goals you would like to achieve in your lifetime? Feel free to share as we can learn, support and grow from each other in this process.

Have a good day!


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