Back To Normal

Life seems to be back to normal here in my household. The first week adjusting to a new schedule can be brutal. My girls are used to the rigid school/ homework/ unwind/ bedtime routine, that when you give them too much free time, they turn against us. My youngest is now at day camp during the week while my oldest mixes in babysitting, helping out her grandparents and enjoying her free time. We have a pool at our complex that she can go to when it’s open, and since she’s naturally a good swimmer it helps keep her mind free and clear.

I’ve been going to the library to pick up good reads like:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks- taking your life to the next level. I just started this one but I like it so far. The beginning poses questions regarding how much good you wish to let enter your world and how you can guide and control the flow of it based on your thoughts and actions.

Living Well Emotionally by Montel Williams- this helped me understand better what MS is all about and how you can control at least 40% of your own happiness through simple little changes in your life- how you view things, your diet as well as regular consistent exercise.

I have more books coming this week as I need to go to the library today after I pick up my daughter from camp. In the meantime, I’m sorting out my bowling balls to see what will stay and what will go for the upcoming fall league season. Hard to believe we’ll be back bowling week in and week out at the end of August. I’m going to attend a bowling demo at Strikers East in Raymond, NH on the 18th of July- probably the 10am squad. It’s where you get the chance to try out some of the new equipment that will be hitting the streets from 4 different ball companies, all for a small fee. If you like what you try, they’ll be able to have the balls on site to drill out for your game. I’ve done a couple of these before and really enjoyed them.

Take care, I hope life finds you in good spirits and remember I enjoy hearing from you whenever you get the chance. Thank you for taking the time to read this, more thoughts later.


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