Growing Up Too Fast

Some of the memories I had of childhood make me think back to a time when we felt like we could never do anything until we were older. Do you ever remember being in a hurry up mode to finish high school, get your driver’s license, become old enough to vote, old enough to move on your own, get done college and then get a career going?

Why oh why were we in such a hurry to grow up? I think with my children I’m noticing that life seems to be moving at an even faster rate. Some parents want every moment of their children’s time to be filled with after school sports or activities, a part time job, then homework and leave little time to just focus on being a kid. Whatever happened to giving a kid a ball or a frisbee and just telling them to play outside for a few hours with their friends until supper time?

My parents never pushed me to have all hours of the day filled with something. I do enjoy bowling, reading, music, writing and board games, but I also set aside time to just hang out with my friends, hang out with my family, and enjoy the little things in life. There’s no law that says every waking moment you have to have filled to be on the go and accomplishing great things.

My wife and I have been very careful to build in de-stress time with our children, so they don’t feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with the day in, day out fast pace world we now live in. Part of this post was inspired by a couple of my classmates who reminded me of our civics teacher in the 9th grade, Mr. Murphy. He always subscribed to the KISS philosophy when it comes to life- keep it simple, stupid. I rarely saw him without a smile on his face, even when all the other teachers may have been having a poor day. He managed to take life as it comes… and I felt fortunate to keep in touch with him as an adult when he became a principal of another school system where I was a deejay for dances.

Enjoy your childhood. Adults, remember the good times in your childhood. It’s ok to be a kid at heart and be silly and goofy sometimes. You only live once, and you might as well make the journey as happy and fun-filled as you possibly can. When you reflect and look back on life, your family will not care how much money you spent or how many material possessions you may have at your disposal. They will treasure the special times spent together, the pictures you take and the talks that you had together.

I’d love for my daughters to stay young. As they grow up, I hope they never forget how much my wife and I tried to allow them to enjoy their childhood that they’ve been able to take back.


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