Bowling: Demo Day Observations

The idea of test driving new bowling equipment intrigues me. Thus I drove an hour and a half north east to New Hampshire to take the Demo Challenge. I tried out 9 different bowling balls from 4 different brands under the Ebonite umbrella (Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia and Track) in a 2 hour span. The balls didn’t exactly fit to my normal hand span (the span was stretched an extra 1/4 inch) but I think each gives you a good idea of how they will roll and possibly look for your game.

My game is more of a higher speed to lower revolution match up. Thus I usually need equipment that may have a little surface to it, and then use layouts that can get the ball rolling earlier so when it hits the back of the lane it will hook accordingly.

As a result, I purchased a Hammer Black Widow Sting. I also enjoyed the Columbia Full Swing and Track 930T, but I think the Sting offered the best look of the bunch. I have the original Black Widow Solid and it’s been a winner in my bag for the past couple of years. We’ll see how this works out when the fall leagues start in about 5-6 weeks.

I find that I can get a good idea of equipment not just from throwing the ball myself, but also watching my teammates throwing the same equipment. We all came to similar conclusions about the balls that we liked and the ones that didn’t work for us based on our individual games.

I do remember in the older days we depended on watching the pro tour to see what equipment would do and hope that it would work as well within our hands. Not so in today’s market. Often times you need a combination of the right surface, the right layouts and a decent physical/ mental game to excel in the sport- and you can’t get that just from watching the professional bowlers.

Now the next stop on the bowling agenda will be to find out what league or league(s) I’ll be participating in for the fall. There’s so much up in the air because of what will happen at fall league meetings. Stay tuned as I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss- good, bad or indifferent.

The bowling buzz is back again after a 2 month layoff. I think I needed it as there was so much going on in my personal life that I couldn’t focus 100% of my effort on the lanes. Now that I’ve had that break, I have a fresh mind, fresh legs and a calm perspective about my game.

Time to roll… happy striking everyone!


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