Team- You Are Not Alone

Together everyone achieves more. Teams have been around since the beginning of time. When you are born into the world, you are dependent upon a team of humans to care for all of your needs from food to drink to clothing and shelter. The ability to thrive and learn comes from an exchanging of ideas. Teams provide that mental push and physical exertion to move mountains in your world and for the betterment of others.

I developed an appreciation for teams during my youth bowling days. Moving from the early bantam leagues within my local 12 lane center up the ranks to a travelling league team who would compete against other high caliber bowlers from across the state, I learned what made the better groups stand out from the individuals. Sure, some teams had a superstar bowler- yet the ones who would finish near the top of the standings had that special balance of concern, mental fortitude and a certain chemistry dynamic that made everyone feel a part of the process- irregardless of their individual contribution or performance during the day.

When my friend Mike and I took our deejaying business from being an amateur, let’s string together all the speakers and amplifiers we can school dance phase (because that’s all the money and resources we had as 13-14 year olds) into the likes of a solid mid to high five figure income during our college and beyond years- it was team work that made the difference. I let him be the sales force and the entertainer during the shows- he let me stay behind the scenes and focus on playing the right songs to get the crowds moving at all times. We focused on our strengths and didn’t spend a lot of time focusing on what the naysayers would speak about. We continually worked at our craft, improving our sound system, our lights, our music collection- never settling for less than delivering the best show we could each and every time.

When I started a music promotion company with a partner from another state during college, we kept in constant touch to decide who we would work with. We exchanged ideas about particular magazines, radio stations, distributors and record labels to send packages to. Once bands would see the increased sales and exposure outside of their local area into a worldwide market, it was easier to attract more business and exciting to see a couple of our bands gain international record deals as a result of our legwork.

Teams are a constant push and pull tug of war to balance the needs of an individual over the benefit of the collective whole. Why do you think marriages and families have an up and down rollercoaster ride? Have you ever wondered why when bands seem to have everything go for them, they suddenly lose key members or decide to break up all together?

If you are the type of person who thinks you can achieve all that you set out to do by yourself, realize that you are kidding yourself. Recognize the talents of those in your circle of friends, family and community. Be thankful of the person who reaches out to help you most in your time of need. Every one of us can support someone in some way- and it doesn’t have to be costly. Giving with your heart, giving with your time, giving with your knowledge in an area that others may not be so well versed in- that’s where team work blossoms.

Even in my late 30’s I seek out mentors who can help me grow in areas that I believe I can achieve more from. I’m also happy when others seek out my help as I like to pass on what I can based on my strengths and experience. When two or more people come together for the sake of synergy, their output becomes multipled- so never be afraid to ask others to join you as you pursue your goals and attain your dreams.


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