Motivation- One Step At A Time

We all have an inner drive within us to take steps forward when we want something out of our lives. One step at a time we plunge headlong to take our visions and position them into reality. You may not be certain of the why’s and the how’s- and you definitely will have fears, doubts and insecurities crop up into the equation- yet with the right inspiration and motivation, as Kevin Garnett said when the Boston Celtics won another NBA championship 2 years ago, “anything is possible”.

Whenever I’ve sought out employment, even through my first work as a delivery assistant for a flower shop, I’ve never entered the work force without preparing for what types of questions may be asked in an interview or learning about the business I would be working for. Have I experienced failure when it comes to jobs? Most assuredly- in fact I survived two back to back jobs in different sales situations that convinced me that maybe I’m better off in teaching, writing and human service workplaces. I had to learn the hard way that it wasn’t personal- it just wasn’t the right fit for my personality and skill set.

I’ve been rejected more times than I like to count. We learn to handle the word no at a young age- from the time your parents teach you that touching a stove while something is cooking could burn you. Chicken Soup For The Soul co-author Jack Canfield talks about the concept of rejecting rejection to help you realize that it’s not personal when someone says no to you. That’s why I’ve been learning to accept the fact that not everyone is going to be into the same interests, philosophy or personal outlook on life that you have- and you can still be friendly and understanding while learning from other people who are different than you.

Motivation kept me on the right path when many service providers wanted us to give our daughters back to the foster homes and group homes where they had spent a good part of their lives. Hearing people say such things as “she’s never going to change” or “she’s definitely never going to attach to a family” fueled my desire to prove them wrong. I saw adults make changes, monumental changes from where they had been as children, when I worked my way up the ranks from residential staff to a group home manager for a residential program that serviced mentally challenged and behavioral adults. If you provide the safety, security, love, patience and understanding, anyone with the desire to make a change can turn their life around overnight.

My wife has helped me so much in this regard. She understands that my natural instinct when looking at a situation may be to talk myself out of it. When you’ve been hurt before, it’s easier to protect yourself over taking a risk. Yet how would I feel later on in life if I didn’t take that risk? I took the chance to move into a complete different field of work, and I’ve been rewarded with the best job that fits my lifestyle. I risked my head and heart to talk to a complete stranger online- and as a result I have the love of my life, my best friend and partner in marriage.

Look within yourself and see what motivates you. What do you strive to be, what would you like to see, who would you like to grow up and grow old with, where would you love to explore and what new interests or hobbies do you think you can achieve in your lifetime? I have 53 current goals I’m organizing- some short term and others a decade out. The only way they will come into realization though is through planning, refining and course corrections- one step at a time.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible or you are unworthy of what you want out of life. Seek out the people who will fill you with energy and I wish for you the very best that life has to offer.

Let me know what motivates you about your life now- or what kept you going when you felt like giving up on something in your past. Thank you again for reading and sharing- I appreciate all of the support to date.


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