Procrastination: It’s Making You Wait

Do you ever wonder what stops you from accomplishing more in your day, more in your week, and more in your lifetime? We can write out to do lists ahead of time, we can plan to run around and become a super person to get all of our errands done- and then we get easily distracted to zone out, play video games, go shopping or spend time on the internet. Welcome to procrastination- putting off what you know you should do to escape and to avoid in the hopes that someone else will pick up the slack for you.

When I grew up, cleaning my room became a procrastination issue. My answer to keeping things in order was to put together nice, neat piles. Friends would have difficulty navigating around my room as I definitely collected books, magazines, albums, baseball cards and kept them in tall piles around various parts of the room. My mother often wondered if there were other living organisms crawling across my bed trying to get out from underneath all the piles of items that I just had to have and couldn’t get rid of.

I guess my children return the favor to me- as their room stays clean for about 30 minutes after it’s all picked up and then it returns to pigpen central. My wife and I have had to physically help them clean up their room multiple times- often throwing out 8-9 trashbags full of stuff. They are packrats- just like me growing up. They want to avoid in any measure keeping up on the clean up of their space. What would take 5 minutes a day to properly put items in their place, they’d rather be sleeping, playing a game or doing anything non-commital versus learning how to take care of themselves.

As an adult, I put off telling my wife difficult subject matter. I think I can tackle issues alone, and try to work out a plan before I bring problems to her. When you are married though, it’s a mastermind of sorts and a partnership, so you need to bring all the information to the table and work out ideas and solutions together. I’ll wait to tell her about a metal concert I want to go to until hours before the show- for fear of her giving me a hard time or saying no. If something is wrong with my car, I may act foul and be quick tempered instead of just letting her know what’s going on. When it comes to my procrastination, I think in my mind I already know the outcome so I protect myself, rather than just letting go and letting whatever will be to be.

Through hundreds of books I’ve read many ideas regarding productivity and improving the quality of your life. The easiest way to defeat procrastination is to make a plan and go forth with it that day if possible. A lot of people get stuck in the hope stage of life, believing that someday their dreams will be accomplished just when everything around them in their world is right.

Words are cheap as anyone with a mouth and a brain can use them. To dream sufficient enough to take action as Jim Rohn talks about in many of his seminars- that’s when you’ll accomplish what you set out to do. Make a conscious effort to eliminate procrastination as much as possible and I think you’ll be impressed with how much happier and more fulfilling your life will be.

I know we lead busy lives and have more items to do in a day than the 24 hours we are alloted. I would hate for you to look back 10 or 20 years upon your life and think , “I should have…” or “I could have…” when the opportunity looked you right in the eyes. Take the chance if you feel a career move is better now. Start your own business, even if it’s on a part-time basis. Gain the skills that you need if you want an upward placement that requires a master’s degree or higher.

People who complain about the time that it takes to do this should know that the time will still pass- whether you get off your behind to do it or not. Don’t live your life from the stands- get in the game and become active to defeat procrastination.

Thank you for reading this, please let me know some of your stories regarding procrastination and any tips or techniques you’ve used to move forward from this.


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