Reflection: On Certain Journal Quotes

From time to time I’m going to look at some of my written journal entries and reflect on the quotes that move me from book or magazine material I’ve been reading. Yes, I do keep a written journal in addition to this blog. I find the written journal more of a free form exploration, sometimes scattered in cohesion as it runs the gamut from a daily mind release on paper to capturing the best of what I’ve taken in for the day.

Here we go. Quote number one I would like to explore comes from one of my favorite business philosopher speakers of all time, Jim Rohn.

“Grow bigger to hold more in capacity- when happiness is poured out you will get more.”

What this means to me is any human emotion is limitless. It’s an idea that I’d love for my children to fully embrace. There’s enough happiness to go around for themselves, their friends, their family, and beyond. The willingness to extend kindness, generosity, and gratitude becomes expansive and returns to you in ways you never dreamed of. Sure holding a door for someone when their hands are full can be a sign of pouring out happiness- but taking a risk to improve the life of someone who appears sad or frustrated shows maturity and a capacity for love of humankind to another dimension.

Quote two comes from Charlie T. Jones- another incredible speaker and author who passed away last year.

“Someday you’ll discover we never really give; we are only returning and sharing a small portion of what we’ve received.”

I’ve remembered times when we moved from one apartment to another where we would find young couples in need of furniture and give them the items that wanted in their time of need. We’ve had both of our daughters visit programs that provide self-knitted clothing to numerous men’s and women’s shelters as well as homeless shelters- it inspired my oldest to participate in an all day knit-a-thon as well as donate to the cause. There’s always something you could be doing to make the world a better place- whether you look at an international scope with a cause or hone in to your local community, realize the gifts of life we have and see to it that others less fortunate or in difficult circumstances can also gain these opportunities.

The third quote comes from an interview I heard recently with Jack Canfield- yes, the Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author.

“Self-esteem boils down to two factors: the feeling that I’m lovable, and the experience that I’m capable.”

When you wonder why others around you are struggling, easily agitated and seem to push themselves away from the rest of society, it probably boils down to their own self-worth. It’s like the kid who gets picked last for every game, or the person who has to sit alone at lunch because they have trouble socializing. Take the time to notice people like this, give them your time and compliment their hard work ethic or something about their style, their wardrobe, their personality.

Both of my daughters when they came to live with us didn’t think they were lovable. My youngest also felt so torn down emotionally that she still struggles with the confidence to complete basic household tasks. We’ve worked on not just saying that we love them, but using physical affection and actions that are loving. Gary Chapman’s work in his Love Language series of books taught my wife and I that what works for one child to feel loved may not be on the radar screen for the other- so you have to adjust your language accordingly to make sure their love cups get filled to capacity and beyond.

What are some of your favorite all time quotes when it comes to self-help, personal development or just something that inspired you to move ahead in your life?


One Response to Reflection: On Certain Journal Quotes

  1. Thanks for sharing these three – only the Jack Canfield quote was familiar to me.

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