Significance: In Tune with Purpose

The idea of being important. How do we gain significance with ourselves, our family, our friends, and the world around us? At one point in life we hope to leave a lasting impression upon the world, something that will carry on beyond our time on this earth. For some people their significance can be felt daily- for others it may take longer for them to discover. Realize that you do have a purpose in life and even if there are times where you don’t feel important- you are very important.

Many people noticed during my school time that I had intuitive abilities when it comes to math and reading. During high school the guidance counselors would give me side tutoring jobs for students who either fell behind in their class work due to illness or had to transfer to our school in the middle of the year and needed to be brought up to speed on parts of the subject matter they may not have learned yet. Teaching people taught me more about the art of expression, patience and looking more into how the learning process works for people outside of myself. So when I finished with my college degree and didn’t necessarily have a direct career path, lo and behold I went into teaching at a private school, thanks to the good graces of the headmaster in my local town who paid attention to my school credentials.

I spent two glorious years at that school, teaching Spanish and ESL. I learned so much about foreign culture, customs and how education is viewed in South America and the Far East versus America. Going to school for 6 hours a day is a breeze when the Koreans and Japanese are used to double the amount per day- and sometimes 6 days a week! I believed the best way to learn English was consistently using it in daily conversation- about topics they were interested in talking about- and as a result teaching didn’t seem like work at all. They thought having a teacher into heavy metal music was cool. They couldn’t believe they were only 2 or 3 years younger than me. The only reason why I left is working 90 hours a week while on (as we were dorm parents and sports coaches and study hall monitors) burned me out quickly.

My significance today still deals with teaching- it’s just transferred to imparting the right tools to live appropriately within my family. I want them to learn from their own setbacks and failures. I want them to learn how to take care of basic needs. I want them to thrive in a safe, secure, nurturing environment. I want to build their self-esteem, making them realize their importance and place in the world. I want them to know that there’s no issue or problem they can’t bring to me that I will be unable to handle- or unable to find the right information to help them.

If you are a parent, realize you are the most significant human in your child’s world. You may not think you are a role model, but you are. When you teach your child to do something and they view you doing the opposite, it sends a powerful message. If you want them to believe your words, you must back them up with the proper actions. If you don’t want your children to yell, watch your own voice and tone. They’ll mirror what they see around them the most- and if they aren’t receiving the proper behavior models from their family, you can bet they will revert to their peer groups who may not have their best interests at heart.

My significance today I think comes through my experience and the power of words. I thank you for all of the kind words, stories, and reflections on my thoughts. Continue to pour them out as I enjoy the exchange of dialogue and feedback. Let me know what you believe your purpose is in life- and where your significance will take you in the future.


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