Prosperity: Living with Abundance

Successfully thriving- prosperity means more than just having economic well-being. To me the concept needs to start in the mind before achievement in the world. How do we turn the tide when our time and energy seem to be speeding in a whirlwind of work obligations, family obligations, school obligations, and personal obligations?

Take a moment and look back at your greatest accomplishments when it came to your career, your family, and your personal goals. I’m betting at some point during this time, you felt unstoppable and in the zone, almost sub-consciously knowing three steps ahead what your next move would be to keep forward momentum. The key is if you can achieve prosperity in that area of your life, studying your path can be adapted and modified to another area that you wish to achieve success in.

Did I know in the seventh grade that a one time deejay show for my class would turn into a lucrative second career in my college years and beyond? Could I predict after a career shift into the mental health/ human services field that I would manage a program? Or that bands and record labels continue to supply me with great music to critique for websites across the world- even in a time where social networking and peer to peer file sharing have taken long known writers and their opinions down to an almost insignificant impact?

An abundance philosophy revolves around the mindset that there’s always the resources and tools necessary for you to succeed. When print magazines fold, I look for online websites to get my thoughts to the public. When the media proclaims we are living in tough, recession-filled times, I choose to fill my mind with other perspectives- be it Success magazine, audio material from some of the best personal development leaders in the business or books where I want to learn and grow. I refuse to choose the half-empty or completely empty cup- as long as I can live and breathe there are ways to reach out, reach up and pull yourself into better days.

If I’m unsure of what direction to go in to achieve success, I’ll seek out a book, a mentor, my friends, my family, other business people I trust- there are hundreds of resources available if you are willing to stretch yourself and ask. Many people apprentice under others- often for free in the case of internships- to learn the systems, structures and ways of the particular field of study they plan on involving themselves in, possibly for a long portion of their work life. Whatever you do, don’t get stuck in the planning stage for months and years, waiting for the right time to launch. The perfect environment, the perfect people, the perfect circumstances, the perfect climate- that’s all an impossible dream.

You see- perfection doesn’t exist.

Instead, after you make your plan, start launching in the direction of your goal. Who cares if you fall, stumble and fail? Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, learning from what went wrong so that the next time, you’ll have a better chance to make things right. It’s even better sometimes if you don’t know everything about what you want to do- because that kind of open mind can find a new way to achieve prosperity.

When I had my most successful day at a country music magazine that I was a sales rep for, I veered off of the script and made 10 sales in 90 minutes due to the fact that the Green Bay Packers had won a big game the previous day. Once the other sales reps saw I had success selling that day in Wisconsin, you can better believe they studied what I was saying, tried to mirror their calls for that state in the same way to achieve better sales and bonuses than if they merely stuck to our normal sales pitch.

Make people feel important. Connect with them on their interests. If you can take those two aspects- and plug into your abilities- I believe you’ll be living with abundance forever.


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