Books I’m Reading

In case you didn’t know, I’m a voracious reader. Working overnights at a local hospital, I have plenty of time to stay awake and fill the time. Reading at least a couple of hours a day has been an excellent way to feed my head constructively, gain more knowledge about a wide variety of subjects and then keep the key points with me in written note form so that I can review them at my leisure.

So here’s a list of the books I’ve been reading this week. I end up bringing 2-3 to work with me every night, but as my wife knows I always have another book or two that I’m working on at the same time. I find that it’s ok for me to read a few chapters in a business book at one session, then switch to a personal development/ self help book in another, or a 3rd book that may be more technical about psychology or mental fitness. That keeps my brain working and processing in different components, plus the note taking keeps all of the information in active mode.

Here we go:

Getting Rich Your Own Way by Brian Tracy. Brian has been one of the most consistent authors through the years. He has spent decades writing about time management, sales, personal achievement, improving relationships and a whole host of subjects. His language is very precise and to the point- he’ll provide real world examples to hit home points such as it takes 5-7 years to become an expert in your career if you are willing to put in the hard work and study and generating questions to tackle your goals from every angle possible. I think this book, Maximum Achievement and Time Power are his 3 best books.

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. This one can be a little technical to get through at first, but I found the case studies riveting. Daniel looks at how certain groups of people from remote areas of the world all of a sudden have a talent explosion in a particular field- from LPGA golfers in Korea to Russian tennis players, from academic strides in certain poor neighborhoods across the United States to the Brazilian soccer excellence. You get insight into concepts such as deep practice and learn how coaching works based on the individual need rather than serving up a “one size fits all” concept for teams. I finished the book today and will be taking extensive notes on this as I know I can apply his studies to my bowling endeavors.

Don’t Eat the Marshmellow…Yet! by Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer. I heard about Joachim’s work through his interview that appeared in Harvey MacKay’s book We Got Fired. This is a short parable (97 pages) looking at a chauffeur named Arthur and a billionaire named Jonathan and the traits that separate the two men in terms of their achievement, success and failure. You learn about the significance of eating a marshmellow now versus storing up your marshmellows for a later, greater reward. Joachim and Ellen mix in real life examples from basketball and baseball to make a careful study of where you are now and how to seek out the tools and resources you need to achieve all of your dreams in the future. I have to be honest that normally I’m not a parable fan- but Joachim captured my attention from the start and also illustrates the key points at the end of each chapter, so the take away value in terms of the lessons is high.

Hitman by David Foster. A fascinating memoir and a testament to a musician, producer and songwriter who constantly reinvented his craft. He puts it all out there for everyone to see, the good, the bad, the perfectionism and the glory of his hits and awards. Since I love the music business, this one kept my interest and became a quick read on a Sunday morning to early afternoon. When it comes to your name appearing on something, always go for greatness.

Tonight I will start Leading with The Heart by Mike Krzyzewski. A personal tip when it comes to reading- always carry a book with you. Stow one in the car if you have to. All of the idle time you spend during your day, you can steal a few minutes away and get a chapter or two in. That way, you can never say you are bored.

Let me know what you’ve been reading lately- fiction or non-fiction titles…


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