Favorite Quotes of the Week

Well with another week of vacation on the horizon I figure it’s a good time to look at some more of my favorite quotes through my readings over the past week.

“Help people see themselves better than they are.” – Jim Rohn

I heard this on his 2004 weekend leadership DVD seminar, and it’s a motto I live by especially at my house. My daughters need to know every day how wonderful and special they are. It’s so easy to focus on what’s horrible in the world, so I champion the little things they do in life, add a little animation in my tone of voice and get really excited about the changes they are making. If you want someone to continue to do well, observe and praise the behavior you like- instead of nagging and complaining about the areas you are disappointed in.

Take a moment each day and compliment a member or two of your family for the support and love they give. Praise your friends as well, notice their talent and spur them on for their hopes and dreams.

“Go after little niches that no one is aware of- problems are good!” – Mark Victor Hansen

If everyone looked at an area or two that needs help in the world of their own personal interest, I think we could eliminate poverty, illiteracy and numerous health problems that haven’t been completely solved to date. You can pass on your knowledge in a little niche to future generations. I believe my niches are critical writing, bowling, reading, teaching, the metal music business and adoption support. This should give me a lifetime of work to treasure- as long as I can place focus on each area and make continuous progress towards the goals that I set.

“Long term commitment equals skills skyrocketing.”- Daniel Coyle

This comes from The Talent Code, an excellent book that looks at skill acquisition and how certain parts of the world excel at particular interests while putting in different amounts of learning and intensity. If you have a passion for something but it doesn’t hold your interest, look at where you are going and see if you can put a long term commitment behind the cause. That’s why diets don’t work- eating and fitness are a life choice that you make day in and day out for the rest of your time on this earth. Put in the hours, put in the research, put in the trials and errors, learn from your mistakes and the brain will figure out a way to reach your highest peaks as long as you are driven 100% to the cause at hand.

There’s a reason why it takes 7 years to become an expert in any field. You can’t possibly learn and experience everything overnight. Continous study and work in the field, asking questions, finding solutions, making choices and modifying to achieve what you desire- that’s why I think I have improved at most areas in my life currently in my 30’s, because I wasn’t ready to peak in my 20’s.

I hope you have a wonderful day, thank you for your continous reading and support and be sure to look forward and prosper!


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