Certainty: Think Things Through

Information overload. Everyone seems ready to give us their thoughts when we seek out opinions about ideas or future purchases we may be making. In the end I believe it’s very important to be able to weigh all sides of an issue, seek out counsel yet keep in mind that we have to remain certain in our beliefs and convictions.

Even as an adult I’ve become swept up in an impulsive want and paid a certain price for not thinking things through. I believe when you buy a car for instance- especially if you don’t much about the make and model of said car- it’s best to leave the deal on the table, seek out trusted opinions and do your own research to see if this will be a good fit. When today’s vehicle loans lock you into 4-6 year terms, you want to make sure you are getting high quality and high value based on what you can afford.

Relationships are another area where it’s ok to make sure your needs are being met and not settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. Where in the rules of life does it state you have to be in a relationship every waking moment of your life? If you feel like you are being neglected, unappreciated and not feeling the same level of commitment that you have, leave. Find someone new. Spend more time discovering yourself, your friends, your family.

10 years ago this coming Saturday I met the love of my life- my future wife. The previous 10 years before her, I had maybe 5 other relationships, and at best they lasted no longer than 4-5 dates a piece. We both took the time to get to know each other, not having a full date that lasted more than 6 hours until the second month of our relationship. I’d limit the amount of time we spent on the phone- and we took the time to get to know more about each other question-wise through e-mail.

I love the fact that we can talk about anything at any time of day or night. We will converse about the evening news, events in our work lives, how things are going with our families and children, dreams, goals, aspirations, fears, and so forth. Or I can quietly read a book and enjoy her sighs as she’s chatting with someone on the computer. I enjoy the child-like enthusiasm she has for the computer games that she’ll play- or the way she’ll tear around a grocery store as her head is spinning at a million miles an hour.

We were both certain we were soul mates and meant to spend the rest of our lives together. We felt certainty with each of our adoptive daughters when they came into our lives. Although the game plan may have been two boys while we were going through adoption classes, meeting both of these girls developed a feeling through the core of my body that I can be more nurturing, more comforting and help these girls live healthy, fulfilling lives with us as parents.

When I make a commitment, I stick with it through thick and thin. I’ve been reading Cash In A Flash from Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen this week, and I love the concept of Wow Now. It’s a process where you go into the future and create a vision that wows you- making a virtual world of your dreams by using your five senses. I have so many ideas bursting through now and they start with what I want for my next car, the multiple sources of income I will have, the vacations I take on through to where I see myself living and what I want to be doing to help others in this world.

In contrast I want people to remember that if one person decides to criticize what you are doing, realize that it’s only one person’s opinion. Consider carefully the source. I had professors in college who thought I’d never amount to anything in the writing world. I didn’t let the limitations of my music instrument skills deter my ability to contribute with my skills as an interviewer and music critic. If there’s a passion or interest that comes easy to you- find a way to unleash that ability through teaching, writing a book, starting a blog, offering to coach- leaving a legacy in some way.

I’m certain everyone is special in this world, and as we contribute we leave our mark for the better.


One Response to Certainty: Think Things Through

  1. Robert Allen says:

    Hi. I appreciate your kind words about Cash In a Flash. I am glad you enjoyed it, and I hope the book helps you. You can follow me at twitter.com/bestsellerbob or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/cashinaflash. Have an awesome day!

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