Take a Chance

10 year ago today, two people in the world took a chance. In different parts of the state, on different computers, they decided to go forth looking for conversation. Who would have guessed that this one mere chance connection would turn into 10 years later the woman I would marry. On her birthday I first met my wife, winding down from a night of loud music.

Normally after a night of deejaying (or in my case a full day and night, as we played at two weddings that day), it takes me an hour or so to wind down from all of the loud music, plus moving equipment back and forth. That morning I didn’t get to sleep until 4am. I spent 3 hours talking to my wife that day, never asking once for a picture, a description of what she looked like- only getting to know her personality, her beliefs, her interests, her life.

We would send emails back and forth for days, and finally in the middle of the week I took a chance and called her at work. We moved up our first date to that weekend. She handled the fact that I had wrinkled clothes and a genetic skin condition. The nervousness went away after the first hug, replaced by the pitter patter of a heart longing to see her again.

The first month we had to juggle dating between our work schedules. Between us we had 5 full time or part time jobs- so seeing each other more than twice a week was a challenge, but we found the time even if it was only for a couple of hours a day. Slowly but surely we moved from day dates or night dates to full day dates. I knew that she loved me because her work schedule went from three jobs to two jobs to one full time job- as the same did for me.

10 years later on her birthday I still love her as much if not more than the day I met her. I’m very satisfied that I stepped out of my normal shell and took a chance to extend my head and heart to her. I found that when I didn’t look for love and when I just let life happen naturally, my wife appeared. We can’t control when people appear in our lives- we have to accept randomness and chance into our lives and take advantage of the good fortunes that come about. You have to be strong yourself and happy within yourself in order to establish a healthy relationship with another.

Be ready to take a chance as early as today. Find something that you’ve been longing or desiring to do but put off due to one circumstance or another- and take the first steps to do what you long to do. If you’ve had a crush on someone, express your interest in that person. If you want to take a new direction upward in your career, seek out people you admire already in that position, take them out to breakfast and probe their brain with questions to learn about what they did and how they moved into the career you want to be in. Create a vision map with your ideal car, your ideal home, your ideal vacation spots, your ideal job, your ideal relationships- so you can look into it every day and know where you want your life to go.

The more risks you take, the more rewards you’ll savor. With 6 billion people in the world, there are bound to be people who will help you along your journey. Take a chance and I think you’ll be surprised by the positive, uplifting outcomes.


One Response to Take a Chance

  1. Monroe Mann says:


    That’s an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it. Congrats on such a successful marriage. I am really happy and inspired by you.

    -Monroe Mann

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