Mental Attitude: Get In Shape

How often do we in life work on getting fit with our bodies- and forget about our minds? There are so many diet and fitness plans on the market these days, and for the many who succeed why do so many others struggle or fail? I attribute mental attitude as the deciding factor whether you will achieve your dreams or whether you will continually blame, mope and groan about what you don’t have in your life.

Both of my sales jobs that I struggled with after college have everything to do with sinking into a negative mental attitude. I worked as a telephone marketer for a country music magazine in my first direct sales job. A week of training and we were put on the phones, calling all parts of the United States to sign people up to subscriptions.

I knew the product, I knew the bands and musicians behind the music- and yet I didn’t believe in the script we had to deliver to sell the magazine. I averaged 95 phone calls an hour, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week- and would struggle to close 4 sales a day. On a good day when I would be able to relate to the customer and find out more than my interests, I would double my sales.Yet my direct supervisor would coach me to make the transitions quicker, less extraneous talk and stick to the script- so I left after 4 months.

I next went into the newspaper business, selling advertising for a weekly newspaper. I was given a number of accounts that were consistent and others to develop on my own. Once again I didn’t believe in the product (as the content was often based on how much advertising was sold- more ad sales= more content). That meant some weeks there was a 10 page paper and other weeks a 20 page paper. You hear all kinds of opinions from business owners about advertising with newspapers- some believe in the power of keeping their word out there, others think they should get coverage first on the editorial side and then they will take out ads.

Had I known about sales books and personal development back then, I wouldn’t have taken the rejection personally. Once again, it’s all about mental attitude. I didn’t realize that the art of sales has to naturally do with developing relationships and pounding the pavement. Not everyone is going to say yes right away. Not everyone in general will ever say yes. They just might have a need for what you are doing a year, three years, five years down the road. Being courteous and kind go a long way though to making a memorable impression.

I’m bringing the topic of mental attitude up because my oldest daughter believes that she’s going to have a rough year as a sophomore in high school. She fears no teacher will like her- or be there for help if she’s struggling to adjust. Her attitude is one of already rejecting people to protect herself if things go bad. I might as well push people away, she thinks, so that I can’t get hurt.

When it comes to worry, fears, etc.- 90% of the time you have blown the situation so far out of proportion with your imagination. In the grand scheme of things, stop reliving your rejections and start championing your triumphs. Remember the times you won the race- or crossed the finish line even if you felt out of breath. How about the presentations you never thought you would get through- only to get a standing ovation and the account?

I do believe affirmations are important- as well as a success journal where you chronicle all of the good things you’ve accomplished in your life. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day training your mind, especially when you first wake up as well as when you go to sleep. In their book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill believe you were born to be a champion- and it all starts within the mind.

Let’s achieve monumental dreams, goals and wishes in our lifetime!


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