Quotes To Ponder

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I spend a lot of my down time on these occasions reflecting and planning for the next week. I do think it’s acceptable to slow down the speed of life, as it’s never good to be in go, go, go motion and expect to perform at your highest level in all your endeavors. So here are some quotes from a number of things I’ve read this week and my thoughts on what’s I’ve been writing in my journal.

“Act self-employed, but be a team player.” – Denis Waitley

This comes from Denis’ excellent book Empires of the Mind. My exposure to Denis’ work started with The Psychology of Winning, then moved on to a couple of seminar talks I’ve seen through Success magazine and his 2004 Jim Rohn leadership event appearance. The quote reminds me that no matter what environment you are involved with, you have to balance your own personal investment versus honing in on your skills to be a team member. A lot of people are stronger in one area than another- so don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and be willing to learn more to enhance your abilities in both areas.

Currently I’m venturing into new team environments with my fall bowling leagues, and I’m enjoying the process of establishing a new role, learning about my new teammates and understanding how they interact. Since I’m more of an introvert by nature, I think I’m taking a slow, steady role in asserting who I am and what I can give to the team so that we can be successful.

“You can’t create a new pattern of success until you interrupt the old pattern of failure.”- Anthony Robbins.

This is a quote I heard from an hour long tele-seminar Anthony held with Eben Pagan as the host that I received in one of my emails when discussing wealth creation- but this can apply to any area of your life where you feel like you are struggling to move ahead. How many times in your life have you held onto the times in life where you failed at something you really wanted- and never attacked from a different way, brought a fresh perspective or gathered all of the skills and resources necessary to move closer to your goals and dreams?

If I learned about this in my high school and college days, I believe I would have moved into working a college radio deejay instead of thinking in my head that I didn’t have the time to balance school work, friends, bowling with the team and my own deejay service. Even expressing an interest in other women at that time for friendships and dating, it’s as if I based my current single status on the past rejections 3-5 years before. It didn’t matter that I was an hour away from home- I brought my baggage with me wherever I was going.

So spend time interrupting a failure from your past, scramble it up, twist it around to become an inverse paranoid like W. Clement Stone and see if you can now achieve what you’ve long desired. I think you’ll find yourself freer in the mind, body and soul when you learn to let go and live.

“Destiny is a matter of choice, not chance.” – W. Mitchell

Here’s a successful business man who has had his body burned badly in an accident, then became wheel chair bound due to an airplane crash. He never let those two events bring him down to achieving his dreams. His book It’s Not What Happens To You, It’s What You Do About It should be essential reading if you ever feel in the depths of despair, uncertain of where you want to go in life and what to do about your future. We set our lives up exclusively by choices we make and how we manage those choices. The power to do what we want lies within our minds, our actions, our ability to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and tackle each day with renewal.

Take care and I hope you continue to reach for your dreams!


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