Donate: Give Whenever You Can

We all need each other to survive. I find it important in my life to give whenever and wherever I can. The amount doesn’t matter- I just feel it’s necessary to show people that I care. There have been many times in my life where I’ve given my time, my talents, my abilities, my support to causes close to me as well causes close to my family and friends.

I remember in my private school cafeteria the waste of unused food we would see- so we would do something about it, donating it to food pantries where we could or farms where the animals could use it for feeding. In our household we donate older clothing to other people or shelters so that it can thrive in other areas with other people. In college I would tutor other students in classes if they were struggling- and didn’t expect any sort of compensation in return. If they asked for help and I had the time and ability to do it- I would do my best to meet their wishes.

So look within your own community and world and see what you have the ability to donate to make things even better. You don’t have to wait for special occasions or holidays to give- you can set aside time once or twice a week in different areas of your sphere of influence. I’m thankful for the teachers who donate their extra after school time to my children as they are learning and growing in math, social studies, science, and language. I appreciate my wife who’s willing to donate her time when she makes special treats for our family at outings, or the times that she’s willing to do a special cleaning for our apartment.

Earl Nightingale talks about finding a need and fill it- so look around you and see if there’s a way that you can impact people. Maybe you have the resources versus the personal ability. Maybe you have the means to recruit others to help in your mission. There have to be others who have some of the same interests in helping that you have- so there are always volunteer opportunities everywhere.

Ultimately the more you give I find the world rewards you in special ways- especially when you least expect them to. I enjoy passing on the generosity through my children and see them pass on their values to their friends and peers. Some of the great memories I have through my life are the times I went around to raise money for a cause- and then bowl for hours or run to see how much I could earn to pass on to help others. Every little bit helps- you don’t have to hit for the fences all the time, sometimes the small base hits add up to impact just as much.

Have a wonderful day, I hope you continue to enjoy my entries and my goal is to continue to use my experience and stories to hopefully impact even at the core of you- possibly making you think more and act more in pursuit of your ultimate dreams.


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