Take The Long Road Home

Life is a journey that goes down roads that twist and turn. Some may be short and bumpy in nature, others may be long and winding. No one said it gets easy. But the journey starts with a simple step and you have to be willing to take that step- foregoing all sense of fear.

Have there been times where you’ve made mistakes? Certainly- we all do. Some choices take longer to recover from than others. It all depends on how much investment you’ve made in the particular choice. Sometimes our commitment to the cause can get in the way of the way things really are- and we as humans can be very stubborn to deviate onto a fresh course. We stay in a relationship longer than we should, for fear of being alone. We commit to long term deals with high ticket items yet aren’t sure we can fully deliver with the terms of payment. Even moving to another part of the country or world doesn’t come with guarantees.

I’m hurt personally by an attack on my decision making and commitment when it comes to one of my passions: bowling. I never got into the sport for financial gain. I participate in bowling because I love doing it, I’ve put thousands of hours into learning and practicing, and I enjoy the great relationships and friendships I’ve made through the years. I have childhood friends that are now adult friends because of bowling side by side with them in league and tournament play.

I’m moving to another team on Monday nights. Closer to where I work. In a small 12 lane center fun league. If I wanted to bowl for money in my part of where I live on Monday nights, I would travel an hour and a half south to bowl in a big 4 man league that pays out $90,000 in their prize fund. I shouldn’t have to justify my decisions, but what hurts me most is this particular person thinks that I’ve changed as a person- and not for the better.

I want to bowl around people who are fun to be around, and are supportive of me. I feel like I have enough drama to deal with in my home life- I don’t need additional drama at the lanes. I just didn’t feel that spirit of give and take last year on this particular team that I felt in previous years.

So maybe I am taking the long road home with this one- but I believe it will be worth the journey. I’m excited to bowl in a new house on Mondays- one I’ve never had the chance to bowl in ever. I will be bowling with one new teammate there- and it will be the first time in years I’m bowling in a 4 man league.

Even professional bowlers aren’t making the superstar salaries of baseball, basketball or football players- so we all play the game for the love of the game, not for the love of fame or fortune. I’m into the passions and interests I’m into for myself first- and for the social aspect as well. I believe I always carry myself with dignity and respect for the game- and don’t feel the need to lose my cool like a child when things don’t go right on a particular bowling night.

I guess it makes you wonder who really liked you as a friend in the first place and who only likes you when you are on their team. When one of my friends left this same team a few years ago- on the last night of bowling- I briefly got upset, but I understood his decision making. So did he- yet apparently my decision is tougher for him to take, so he figures it’s better to throw a smear campaign through his blogs than to talk to me about it on the phone or face to face if he had a problem with things.

I guess much like the referees of the world, for all the people that will like your calls, others will not like them. But don’t be afraid to go on another road if you know it’s right within your head and heart. I know that I’ve made the best decision I can at this time, and everything will work out happier and healthier for me in the end.


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