What’s On Your Radar These Days?

I feel so happy and blessed to have people who care about me and who I can support in their lives. With only 24 hours in the day, I attempt to make the most of every moment. Working overnights gives me limited time to keep in touch and connect during the day- because while much of the world is working and interacting, I’m off into dream land. That doesn’t mean I let my awake time go by idling- as most of you can tell from reading this blog, I spend my time reading, writing, listening to a variety of music and writing about that- spending time around my family and friends, and bowling- among the short list of interests.

These are some of the books and CD’s on my play list so to speak these days along with a few thoughts about them:


Greater Than Yourself- Steve Farber

It’s a parable of leadership with a twist- of thinking beyond yourself and taking someone you know you could mentor and helping them achieve not only what you’ve been able to achieve, but to push them to heights beyond what you’ve been capable of. Normally I’m not a big fan of the mix of fictional story and non-fiction teaching principles- but I think Steve has done a stellar job of balancing the two and allowing you to shape your own thoughts as you read through the chapters. I’m 17 chapters in on day one and probably will finish this off before I go to sleep.

How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling- Frank Bettger

An older book but should be on par with How To Win Friends and Influence People in terms of learning the principles of salesmanship. You learn of the struggles Frank had with early sales jobs after having to leave a promising baseball career, and also the talent and tenacity he had to achieve his goals. It’s one thing to say you are going to make so many calls a day or see so many people, it’s quite another to think on your feet and understand that you need to care about your customers wants and needs as that’s what is most important.

Traveling Hopefully- Libby Gill

This one is about losing family baggage as a process to jump start your life. Libby intermixes theory from her years of study along with real life cases so you can look into the experiences of others. I think this will be a keeper for me, as I can apply some of her work to what’s going on with not only my wife and myself, but also help our daughters come to terms with their birth families and the circumstances for how they became adopted.


Beardfish- Destined Solitaire

Progressive rock here- and very much in the older 70’s mold. The album contains almost the max amount a CD can hold, and so far I’m hearing elements of ELP, Yes, Kansas, and King Crimson on these tracks. This is a good CD to have on my laptop when I just need to zone away from the reality and get into my imagination.

Fool’s Game- Reality Divine

Sort of a super group within the power/ progressive community, features members from Ark, Manticora, Pharaoh and Redemption among others. Has a very Euro flavor in terms of the riffing and singing, but also contains outlooks much like a Riot or Fifth Angel.

Considering I have 17 new CD’s in plus 4 library books to get through, I’ll have plenty for my mind to munch on in the coming days. Let me know what’s been on your radar these days- books, music, movies, culture, anything at all. I hope you are having a wonderful day and look forward to a great rest of the year.


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