Library Fascination: Discover the Potential

I’m a lover of the library- in case you didn’t know. Today while my oldest daughter starts her longer group therapy, I went to the city library where her therapy takes place and spent an hour exploring and discovering the beauty of all the information contained within. Walls and walls of computers for internet access- racks upon racks of DVD’s, CD’s, VHS tapes and audio books of all kinds. Then floors of books- I would guess the total number of books contained in this particular library are over a million, based on the columns and racks and sheer size of it all.

I could have spent 3 hours there, and I stuck to three subject areas at hand as I only had an hour to get through what I wanted. I took out a double CD audio book and a regular book from master networking expert Harvey Mackay, a sales strategy book from Brian Tracy and another inspirational goal setting book from John Tesh. I’m impressed that in our current times that libraries are more in vogue than ever, exposing you to an education and knowledge base that you can find from the time you are in pre-school throughout the rest of your life.

I don’t read the material and then bring it back without taking notes, keeping summaries in my journal as well as key quotes that I want to take away and put into action. If something doesn’t hit me as much as other books, I usually find one or two worthwhile concepts or sentences that I can take away and apply to my world.

If you haven’t had the chance to go to the library recently, take the chance and discover the potential. In most towns and cities, the price is right for a library card: free! You have to go to the place and prove you live in the town with a license and a piece of mail addressed to you – but in most libraries you can borrow over 25 items at a time and also take out CD’s and movies for a week. Catch up on some of those television series you haven’t had the chance to see- and explore the outer reaches of the inter-library loan system to get the items that may be out of reach in your local library.

Many libraries sponsor free programs and book talks- paid for by donations and tax money from your local community. If you’ve been looking for cost effective forms of entertainment, there’s nothing like taking in a local community event through the library such as a book sale, a magic show for the children or even an informal seminar on improving your job seeking skills.

I know there is a lot you can discover through the internet- but most libraries these days also have free wi-fi, so you can multitask there if you desire. It may seem like I’m pulling together a top 10 list of reasons for getting out to your library- I’m a huge proponent of taking matters into your own hands and seeking out the resources if you want to learn more about life, or even get deeper into your imagination and explore your creativity. What you may have remembered about your old school library is not the same anymore.

Devote time with your family to reading. Engage your children in story-time before bed time, filling them with uplifting children stories. There isn’t a place I’m around where I don’t have some form of reading at hand- even in the car, as you never know when you’ll have to sit and wait to kill time- so it’s better to have resource material at hand than risk boredom.

I don’t proclaim to know everything. I read for pleasure, I read for knowledge, I read to study other people’s lives and learn from them. Discover the potential and watch yours grow exponentially.


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