Just One Of Those Moods

Yesterday for me was just one of those days where I struggled to get in a good mood. I don’t know whether the September weather change has anything to do with it (as the temperature dropped 10 degrees), or if the fact that I got restless sleep made a difference. I didn’t feel like dealing much with my family yesterday, and I so badly wanted to just crawl back into bed and be Rip Van Winkle.

Have you ever had that happen to you? Even if there’s nothing on the surface that appears to be going wrong, for some reason you just feel a little down in the dumps?

It’s a rarity for me, as I can usually find something to be cheery or at least take my mind in a different direction. Watching the Red Sox baseball game didn’t change it. Going out to a local record store and the Barnes and Noble book store didn’t elevate my mood. Surfing the web, answering e-mail and talking to my wife about our new nephew… everything just seemed very apathetic to my head space.

I’m up early this morning and my emotions feel much more normal and I’m less irritated then I was the previous day. I guess Thursday night before I left for bowling, my daughters were showing off to our new babysitter about how they can treat me disrespectfully with their mouths. I realize they have stress coming at them from all school angles- but I don’t think it’s right that when they are at home they can feel like I’m a perfect target to attack when they don’t want to discuss what’s going on in their heads calmly and rationally.

Hearing a news story about a local family having their house burn down and the two sisters living while the teenage boy died got me thinking about how we treat each other in situations when we are going away from the home or school. How we want to make sure that you don’t go to bed angry at another person- because you never know what could happen next in this world. Would you want to feel pain if a person you loved thinks that you are angry at them if they got into accident and couldn’t talk to you anymore?

One of my favorite things to discuss with my children when they want to get on a pedestal of control is: do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Because being right may feel good in the moment, but it could lead to long term ramifications when it comes to your relationship. There are times where compromise is a good thing. You may not understand the other person’s point of view right then and there, yet if you lose the trust and bond with the person because you feel like you have to be right, is it worth it?

John Maxwell talks about in one of his seminar discussions working on the important issues of your life just for today. You can make a decision at one point in your life, the important thing to control is managing that decision for the rest of your life. Just for today I am going to manage my negative states and lift people up rather than tear them down. Life’s too short, and I need to let everyone know how important and special they are in my world.

Next time I think I will go for a run in the fitness center where I live- to radically change the blood flow throughout my body. Until next time have a wonderful day!


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