What Would You Do… For A Working Internet Connection

Sorry this is coming on so late in the day. It’s been a bang up day in my household. Children with colds, children with attitudes, cars acting up, and then losing our internet connection around the apartment. That’s why I haven’t been online all day to write my entry.

My wife set up our new linksys router this afternoon while I caught my power nap. Working overnights as I get older, that 2 hour nap keeps me going on the first night back to work. So for the foreseeable future I would expect no problems with me getting on the internet and accomplishing my work from here.

Yesterday I went on a library tour of certain towns within my area just to explore, to clear my head and to come back to the home refreshed and vigorous. I took out 2 more library books, one about networking with people and another a parable regarding the art of influence. I’ve been learning that my local library has a lot of things going for it that other smaller libraries struggle with- adequate staffing, plenty of room for books, excellent tools for online resources, etc.

And out of the 6 libraries I went to, my local library would be the only one with a wi-fi connection. I guess in 2009 that surprises me. I remember back in February when my desktop hard drive went kaput on me, debating whether to get a laptop or a desktop for my next computer. Now I feel like I couldn’t live without the portability and accessibility of this laptop. You can get up and go within a minute- that’s something that won’t happen with a conventional desktop.

I’m back though, back with a purpose. Taking my knowledge and information acquisition and starting to put things into action. It’s one thing to have a plan, it’s another to have goals and break them down into steps- it’s quite another to step into it and just as Nike ads would say “do it”. I’m sure you know many people in the world who talk a great game, yet seem stuck in the same holding patterns when it comes to changing aspects of their lives.

My daughter talked with me in the car about her struggles with my wife in terms of her communication style. I told my daughter that if she’s not happy with what’s going on, she needs to change something about it. Talk is cheap- actions are huge. Would you keep drinking the same water if it made you sick? If you want someone to listen to you- figure out a way of being nice and show her with your actions that you want to be real, respectful and responsible. I told her it’s time to talk the chalkboard in her mind, erase it of all the past hurtful actions and start anew.

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, sorry this is so late appearing online, but at least I now have my connection back within the apartment. Until next time, be happy and pull someone up that needs a little boost in the world.


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