Unwind for the Weekend

Ah yes, the freedom to awake when I want. To do what I desire. I’m enjoying an early weekend day without the children. Both are sleeping over different houses which gives my wife and I time to relax and unwind.

I love my children. They certainly take a lot out of me though. I think now a month into school, they are getting used to the routine and have less anxiety about their teachers and know how to relax themselves a little bit before attacking anyone in the family emotionally.

Having a pre-teen and a teen in the house can seem like you are parenting aliens at times. One day you may think everything is going good- and then in a split second you are dealing with another personality. As a parent I’ve had to learn when to talk and when to just keep quiet and listen. My children feel like they aren’t being heard- and to them that means really probing and listening to their thoughts, their feelings and helping them sort through their daily events.

My oldest daughter for instance attempted to sneak out of the house earlier this week to meet with her friends, while I was out on the road going to bowling and my wife would be at work. What she failed to take into account though, would be the following:

1) Twice when I asked her to come out of my bed room, she played it off like she was busy doing something important on the computer.
2) She called a half hour into my trip to the league, claiming she forgot to tell me she had to babysit for a family where we live. My wife would be checking into matters.
3) The babysitter we have was smart to text my wife to look into the situation.

I know it’s not beyond her teen years to want to do something behind our backs to get to see her friends. The funny thing is, had she asked outright we probably would have said yes! In her mind though, she assumed a no so it was better to scheme and plan… although she’s not good at the execution of deceiving us.

So I’ll be spending some of my time this weekend at my great-niece’s birthday party, and I also plan on going to another library book sale. I can’t have enough reading material to read these days. I bought a cool new book at my local Barnes and Noble the other day called The Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris. At 21 homeless and doing a sales job out of his car, in 8 years he became a millionaire on his own- and so far it’s a fascinating book about the mental skills and experience you need to be able to get to the top.

I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time taking notes, quotes and reapplying this information to my life. For now though, I’m going to enjoy the figurative brain stretching that will go on as I can get a breather without my children.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to just focus on yourself, your life with your wife, and just have silly conversations and fun with adults- it brings you back to how wonderful and special your relationship is in the first place.


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