Spending Time Versus Money: Which Runs Out First?

The age old question: which do you need more? When you are younger, you believe that money is finite and time is infinite. Of course the youth believe that, you have 75-85% of your life to look forward to, so you may spend every last dollar you get your hands on as if it were your last.

I’ve found that after my 20’s, time matters more to me than money. You can’t chase time. Once you lose it, time is a commodity you can’t get back. We have the same amount in any part of the world- 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year.

So I want you to think about this comparison when you are deciding what you wish to do and accomplish in your lifetime. Do you want to help the world with experiences? Do you want to fund your dreams? Do you want to be a giver? How you apply your effort and your energy has a lot to do with your money, your goals, your dreams and your time.

I’d rather give my children experiences over just handing them money and letting them spend it where they will. The family trips. The conversations in the car. The laughter about unique moments. The birthday parties. The crushes the girls had at school. The subjects they were learning each year. The growth spurts- not only physically but emotionally and intellectually.

I’ve learned throughout my many years in personal development that abundance is there for everyone- so the money really isn’t as big of an issue for me as time. My daughters only stay young for so long- so my wife and I have tried our best to give them experiences they will treasure as adults. They look forward to trips in Vermont in the spring time- where they’ve had the chance to go on ice cream factory tours, make teddy bears or even just get their swimming on at the hotels we may stay at.

You have a finite time to truly develop their values and hopefully shape them for a productive, healthy and happy adulthood. Sure the school system is handling the main subjects, but as parents we have to teach them about social graces, finances, choice making, how to handle certain conversations and hundreds of other little matters. I know that they’ll still come back to my wife and I even when they leave the nest- as the journey in adulthood can still be tough for them.

People remember experiences- so give as many as you can. In a moment you can effect a person’s life.


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