Inspiration: What’s Your Calling in Life?

We are all here on this earth for some purpose. To lift people up, to aid with our gifts, we all have some sort of talent that we can display and provide for the greater good of mankind. I’m always inspired when I see others working within their true comfort zone- something that would be very difficult for me to accomplish yet appears effortless to them.

My best friend growing up in my neighborhood was a natural at bowling and at film making. He just had this passion and vision for how he wanted things to go in his life, and he wouldn’t except anything less than the best every time he went on the lanes or he would be doing a film project for school. I used his talent when I had to film a special 15 minute presentation for one of my psychology classes- he would storyboard the entire concept and when it came time to filming, he had everyone ready and comfortable to make nothing less than the best film of the class.

My mother could make the best cakes for birthdays or anniversary celebrations. She could take pictures and mirror what the customers would want. She had the same gift when it came to making blankets and comforters for people. It made her happy to see other people pleased with her talents in these areas.

My father is the master at woodworker. You should see some of the works of art he has made- rocking horses, toy boxes, personalized clocks, musical jewelery boxes, I could think of a hundred other things that I’ve seen him do through the years. He’ll visualize and experiment at times to get things just right.

You may think you can’t do anything to make an impact in your world. I’m telling you that yes you can. If you haven’t discovered what your true calling is, take out a piece of paper and write down 20 things in your life that come very easy to you. Talents, hobbies, or skills that just put you at ease and you would lose all track of time if you could participate in them 24 hours a day. Brainstorm from there and see if you can take any of these skills in a new direction.

Maybe you can start up a part-time business from them. Maybe you can volunteer with others and learn more about this talent, hobby or skill. You can probably find a message forum or group online through one of the social networking websites to connect again with new people. There is so much power when you team up- even if it’s one person, the multiplicity of its power goes up exponentially.

Now more than ever do we need to not only help ourselves but we need to serve for the greater good of mankind. If you can help your favorite charity through playing a benefit show as a musician, please do so. If you are a writer and have the chance to volunteer your time and energy to a cause that deserves recognition, throw your hat in as well. Look closely at the needs of your own community and gather a team to help others.

I know that as I get older my talent and drive remains twofold: to explore my natural abilities to impact as many as I can, and also to teach others the talents that come easy to me so that they can pass this on to future generations. It makes me feel good to hear stories where my former classmates remember the times that I helped them achieve better grades at math or English- because when you give of yourself without any expectation that’s what being human is all about. To serve, to love, to care.


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