Strength Zones: Maximize Your Learning and Earning Capacity

When we look through our lives, we can think about aspects that come to us with the greatest of ease. Areas that if given the chance, we would have no problem taking a full work day or beyond just immersing ourselves in learning, exploring, sharing and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience that could pay us huge dividends for our future.

I know in my life bowling, writing, music, reading, math, and adoption are areas of life that come very natural and easy to me. There may have been a certain point in my life where any or all represented a challenge, but I think at this point in my life I feel blessed that as easy as breathing comes to me, spending the time to write a music review or bowling consistently well week to week or even helping my daughters with their algebra and geometry homework do not come with severe mental struggles.

My daughters both can swim as if they were animals drawn to the sea. My oldest spent a summer teaching my youngest and before we knew it, both spent 5 days a week in the water, swimming for hours at a time. When it comes to school subjects, they both have opposite strength zones so they are learning to help each other out- as my youngest is a natural reader while my oldest naturally loves science and math.

My wife is a natural at party-planning. She’s consistently modifying and adapting to make sure that birthday parties and holidays are memorable around the house. We will plan months in advance and sometimes certain items will spark themes in her mind. She’s got a consistent ear to the ground and a willingness to look through the other person’s eyes to deliver the best bang for the buck. I’ve never seen her exasperated as she shops for the perfect items to go with these themes- or having to spend hours the night before designing the house, cooking the items or pulling together party favors.

I believe that you need to enhance your strength zones by stretching to the top. Seek out mentors and coaches who are stronger or have a different skill set that you can learn more from. Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of the current PGA tour and quite possibly the best golfer in the history of the sport, seeks out different golfing coaches even when he’s winning tournament after tournament. He’s deconstructed and reconstructed his swing, spent hours at a time working on his putting game, and I’ve read that he’s got one of the best minds when it comes to handling adversity in the moment. Would you consider it crazy based on his yearly tournament earnings?

If you are in a band and only spending time working on your music without enhancing your skills on budgeting, time management, productivity, networking with other fans, clubs, promoters, musicians, studios, etc.- and this is a short list- do you wonder why you are struggling to climb anywhere beyond your local area? As a band, if you spend time immersed in music yet don’t spend time getting to know each other outside of rehearsals or shows- do you wonder why personality conflicts or chemistry issues crop up? Take every opportunity seriously.

Much like my previous 3% investment post, take the steps today to plan, record your goals on paper, look at them every day and write down before you go to bed each night what you plan to do the next day to get closer to your dreams. Another idea that Brian Tracy mentioned in a recent seminar I watched discusses taking your highest yearly income and adding a zero to the end of it, to push yourself to new heights with earning capacity. What would you be, do and have with 10 times your previous salary? What measures do you have to take to get those numbers?

When something comes easy to us, we have a tendency to level off and coast. Now’s the time to put your thoughts into high gear, and I think you’ll be impressed with all you are able to achieve as a result of the extra push, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


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