Who Am I and Who Are You?

Apparently I ruffled a few feathers with my last note about honesty and lying. I just spoke from the head and heart about a situation that happens from time to time in my family. I love my wife and my children and only want the best for them. I appreciate the responses and I’m aware that not everything I do as a parent will be viewed as correct to many. But who am I and who are you to say what’s correct and incorrect when it comes to every situation of parenting children?

I do not think it’s wrong to give my children the mental, intellectual and emotional skills necessary to handle any curve balls or challenges thrown at them in their lives. Yes childhood is a time for kids to fall and sometimes fail, but also to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and hopefully learn from those struggles as well as the triumphs in life. My children have spent so many years feeling like they have to be in control, that they can’t depend on adults to keep them safe and secure, that this building of trust has taken years to occur.

I feel like what I put out there with this blog is one man’s opinion. People can agree, disagree, debate and ponder what is said and talked about here. Taking cheap shots at who I am as a person (or who I may have been in the past) to me shows a serious lack of confidence and insecurity within that particular person’s self-esteem. I’m about growth and honest discussion- there’s enough negativity in the world that I do not feel the need to engage in a shouting match.

So who am I? I consider myself a caring, compassionate, loving husband and father to two wonderful daughters. I’m an introvert, a lover of reading, writing, metal music, and bowling among other things. I enjoy finding out more about my friends and family, I believe I’m a good listener and I want my legacy to be someone who improves people’s lives one moment at a time.

And who are you? You are my friends, my family, an interested group of people who want to look inside another world and see if they can relate to a lot of the ups and downs that go on in one person’s life. I respect you, I’m thankful for the time that you spend reading this blog and I enjoy reading every one of your comments about what I have to say. My hope is that you continue to read these posts whenever you get the chance, and if I can give you subjects to ponder and apply to your own world, that’s all for the better.

It’s time for me to get back to work. I want to end this with a suggestion I heard recently on one of my audio CD interviews with Joel Osteen. He mentions selecting 3 to 5 people in your world and making a deposit in terms of lifting people up. This can be complimenting a person, letting them know they are doing a great job, in general brightening their world by acknowledging something that they are doing right and well. Too many times humans spend their time focusing on what’s wrong and what they can’t do- it’s time to build up the positive fund.


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