You’ve Gotta Love…

I figured today I would do a fun post about things in my family that I love so much through the years. Every family needs to have a unique way of being, rituals or traditions that end up happening based on the personality and chemistry that develop through time.

You’ve gotta love daughters who on the weekend feel like getting up before 8 am- or when they are sleeping over someone else’s house want to be picked up to come home before 8 am. I thought the rule was on the weekends when there is no school children are supposed to sleep in? Not my children… which means we as adults better get to sleep early enough to get those 8 hours in or be awakened earlier than we desire.

You gotta love children who speak their mind about everything- even when they may not have the most accurate information on the subject matter. I can’t tell you the number of times they’ve come home from school and get hoodwinked about other topics their classmates may discuss during lunch or recess- and you have to just laugh and attempt to set the records straight. I realize they are starting to increase their learning capacity and debating the issues of the day is one thing- but when we explore the theories and stances behind their opinions and we get “I don’t know” or “never mind” answers, they just want to speak their mind and have things accepted without a back and forth conversation.

You gotta love hearing the words there’s nothing to eat around the house with a fridge and pantry closet full of food. Interpretation: my favorite foods, drinks and snacks got eaten in 2.3 seconds, and we need to go to the grocery store immediately to purchase 10 more boxes of those same items, otherwise I will die of starvation.

You gotta love children who can recite television commercial jingles after hearing them once or twice- but have trouble listening to simple parental requests around the house. Selective hearing in full effect here. I’m beginning to wonder if I should make all of my requests in a sing song pitter patter- but then I would be looked at as the weird one in the family.

You gotta love children who go to sleep willingly by 8 or 9 pm. I guess it’s one of the drawbacks to them getting up so early, but it does allow us as parents a chance to get some conversation and alone time in. I believe it’s imperative to have husband and wife alone time as much as you have family time in order to grow, learn and share.

You gotta love Christmas Day here. We can’t wait to open presents at 4:30 am. Good thing I’m used to being up that early at my work. The other good thing here is my wife and I can go back to bed for a couple of hours while they put batteries in things or decide what outfit from their new clothes stash they will wear during the vacation.

You gotta love music. All kinds. And spontaneous singing and dancing as a result. Sometimes in a confined space at loud volumes- and in this case I’m talking about the person singing, not the background music itself. We embrace the need for music in this house- I think it keeps the sanity level.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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