What’s Your Innovation or Invention Inside of You?

Contrary to popular belief, we all have the ability to create or innovate. Brian Tracy talks about in one of his live seminars the fact that creativity is latent within everyone, and can be practiced and available just as you breathe. Even as we enter the end of the 2000’s there are still many innovations and inventions yet to be produced in yours and ours lifetimes. I’m curious to know what future innovations and inventions will occur in this world we live in?

We’ve moved into a digital age faster than I imagined. The ability to communicate in any manner is faster than my parents and grandparents eras, where computers weren’t readily available to every family and we depended on the rotary telephone and regular mail to communicate with people from far out of our local area. I believe more innovations will happen in the service industry. I think in the future you’ll be able to order whatever you want and have deliveries come straight to your home, or people performing new services on site for you. I think the abilities with video conferencing can allow learning to happen within the comfort of not just businesses but also in residences.

After reading The Long Tail and Free by Chris Anderson, many businesses are learning that they can make just as much of a dent in a market by offering a variety in terms of the quantity of items available rather than specializing in a small, finite quantity of goods or services in the hopes of attain the widest audience for consumer spending. I know one of the things that helped differentiate our deejay service through the years was the breadth of music we were willing to have at our disposal, which opened up fresh opportunities to play for audiences young and old. We didn’t know we were practicing the long tail, but I believe at the time it helped us to play oldies sock hops and country music clubs during tougher months of the deejaying year.

I have ideas within my head when it comes to the music business and adoption of other areas of interest I think innovation needs to occur. People need to be empowered with knowledge and I’d like to think that I can help develop the tools to give them better resources in fulfilling those needs. I’m not willing to let the world stand by when I can help today. I have only one life to live and I might as well get cracking with focus on the things that matter most to me that I believe will be helpful to others.

Look inside your own inner soul and see what comes natural to you. Brainstorm about ways to improve upon something, or seek a way to find a need and fill it. Partner up with someone on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and see what lights their world and maybe you can find a way to add your light to make the flame even bigger and stronger. You never too young or too old to start.

I’m currently reading Leap by Rick Smith where you learn about people who’ve been able to stretch themselves into great careers that they probably wouldn’t have even explored as a result of seeking their true passions and interests. Be it advocating for the homeless, developing a new garment for fashion or staring a business through executive level networking- you can re-invent your world and your career at the drop of a hat if you are willing to risk, innovate and take a willing step ahead.

When the idea strikes, ink it to paper. Review this material weekly and see if the sparks fly from your mind out the body and into the world. Good luck on your future adventures- keep me posted on what occurs.


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