We’ve All Got… Personality

There’s one thing unique about the human race. No matter if we are siblings or friends, every one of us has a distinct personality. Use this asset to your advantage and you’ll make a mark on the world.

When I bowl with my friends on Mondays and Thursdays, each team has its own personality. I feel like I can blend in well with people who are serious just as much as people who like to be jokesters. I know when it comes tournament time, I need to put my game face on and do the best that I can to be a participant and a cheerleader depending on the situation. They in return are there to pick me up when they see me off focus or struggling.

Within our immediate family, I have four distinct personalities. When you have two daughters that are used to having to depend upon themselves in their early years of development, you know that there is going to be some rigidity regarding how they look at life and wish to handle it. When everyone wants to be in charge, I feel like I can provide stability, comfort and care as they navigate through the waters of life.

There’s nothing I like hearing more than from other adults and friends how my daughters can stand up for themselves and hold their heads high. The self-assurance and confidence but not arrogance will have them go a long ways when facing adversity at school, their careers and in their relationships.

Within the bands I know local and nationally, you have leaders and you have workers. I think you need both in order to make the strides to success. You need someone with the know how and energy to just go for it relentlessly even when it seems the odds are stacked against you. You also need the backing of your fellow bandmates to execute the plan and hold up their ends of the bargain. How you are able to handle the friction when it comes to business and personal decisions goes a long way- because you can’t stop arguments from showing up.

When it comes to my own personality, I think I’ve been evolving as the decades go by. In my single digit to teenage years, I spent a lot of time reflecting, searching and hoping for gifts of communication to come to me. I wanted people to make me feel comfortable. I couldn’t get out of my own way to help myself- although many of my friends believed I excelled at helping others.

College and the 20’s allowed me to gain comfort with other people, a willingness to ask about their lives and I gained life-long friends in a variety of my interests. I would meet my wife towards the end of my 20’s- when I gained confidence within who I was and who I wanted to be my soulmate, who would complete me with her laughter, her outlook on life and her kind, giving nature.

These days I need to work on listening more to my children, giving them the opportunity to not only be heard but feel that they get enough from me. I want to learn and grow more towards my 40’s with a better sense of my strengths and weaknesses, to learn to let things roll more and not take setbacks so personally.

So don’t live by what others label you as- be it boisterous, outgoing, shy, kind, etc. You can change anything about your personality if you want to- with time, effort and assistance. I’d love to hear your transformations and stories regarding your own personality- and how you view your life going now compared to 10 or 20 years ago.


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