Zombie, Zombie… What’s In Your Head?

Today could be an interesting post based on sleep deprivation. Not of my own accord of course. My oldest daughter got sent to the nurse today and had to come home at 10am. Considering I go to sleep as soon as I get home from work, that meant dear old dad was asleep for approximately 90 minutes before he had to put on some clothes and drive to pick her up. Then going back to sleep after you have been awake for 20 minutes is a challenge.

So these will be reflections in a zombie state of mind. Where my brain is in the fog. I don’t think I enjoy having two power naps as my regular form of sleep today. I’m blessed to have a very understanding wife who didn’t want to have to wake me so early- but it is part of the reason why we work opposite shifts. I knew going in that in emergency situations during the day, I would be the one around. You just wish you could pick and choose when those events occur- rather than at the beginning of your work week.

Last night I had one of those in the zone nights of bowling, but it didn’t start out that way. I could tell I wasn’t letting things happen naturally and that I was trying to force my swing, but by the middle of the first game I calmed myself down and focused more on a steady. slow rhythm and that’s when everything fell into place. I ended game one with 5 strikes in a row and started game two with 6 more before a 7 pin stopped the streak. I finished game two the same way and started game three with the front 6 strikes. I shut my mind off to any outside influences and stayed in the moment. It’s my high series of the year and I know an 800 series for me is only a matter of time. I’ve knocked on the door 7 times in the past, each time learning from the experience.

My youngest daughter is scared when a family member gets sick. How does she handle this sickness? By seeking out attention, acting helpless and reverting back to her early years. It’s almost as if she morphs back to being half of her age to make sure she is a worthwhile person. We always make sure she goes to bed in a better mood, realizing that her sister will be ok and so will she in the end.

I don’t know how much reading I will be doing at work today, but I spend at least an hour a day reading, most of the time 2 hours. I’ll keep books by my bed, in the living room, and bring some to work. I want to learn more about business, psychology, success, biographies, adoption, personal development, money management, health, and relationships among other things. I also journal twice a day- once at the start of my evening shift and again in the morning. This gives me time to process, reflect and look at things from another perspective.

Until next time, remember that you are a role model to someone in this world- even if the role model is just yourself. Be aware that people look up to who you are, how you carry yourself and how you come across to others. Be a lifter of life, give encouragement where you can and offer to be there for someone in their time of need.


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