Prepare for Your Next Challenge

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.” When you have the ability to reach for the gold ring and achieve it, it’s time to prepare for your next challenge. I receive challenges at various points in my life- it can be something as simple as which emphasis from week to week I place on budgeting versus personal purchase items, or it can be bigger goals such as generating new streams of income or improving my productivity when it comes to writing or reading.

My friends that I bowl with for instance were kind enough to prepare me ahead of time for what I may encounter next week at my Monday bowling league. They informed me that the lane man expressed concern over my bowling performance the past few weeks. So adjustments will be made as far as the oil pattern to control the scoring environment. Yes, in bowling with today’s technology, the man who pushes the buttons on the oiling machine can be the greatest factor in keeping the scores higher or lower.

Would I have noticed the difference without the advance information? I believe so- because based on my first week performance in the league, I did feel that there was more hook the past three weeks which increased my scoring pace. Do I mind the change? Not at all- I do not believe in general I’m a 235+ average bowler, especially in tournament play over the course of a year. I”ll be willing to earn my score with the tougher lane pattern that will be on the lanes next week- all that I ask for in this argument is the same level playing field on both sides of the lane. If the lane man is going to give me more of a challenge to strike consistently, he or she should do the same for the right side of the lane.

I face challenges with my children every week. We are working with them regarding their own personal self-esteem and self-worth issues. There’s a push and pull battle for attention- with mom, with me, and with each other. My wife was sick last night for instance and my youngest daughter sincerely thinks that I can’t devote my energy into making sure she’s taken care of and then spending quality time making sure they are both safe. Fear overrides their minds and then she doesn’t feel like listening to even a simple request. I feel like this challenge- that a father can be as much of a good role model to them as their mother- will be something I modify and stay with me for the rest of their lives.

You see, they expect me to leave when the going gets tough. And why not- most of the other adults who were supposed to keep them safe and be role models when they were younger ran away from their responsibilities. I’m committed to them- for life. I may not have started with raising them, but I believe it’s my destiny to be there for communication, for a good ear or even a good cry, forever.

So when life seems rough- step back and become as author/ insurance success story W. Clement Stone talked about an “inverse paranoid”. Commit to looking at what the biggest challenge you have represents, and look at the challenge from a positive perspective. The change happens from your mindset. I sincerely believe you can’t solve money problems with money- you have to solve money problems from your frame of reference towards money. If it means going back and looking at your views as a child growing up and the statements your parents made around money, be honest with yourself and then take apart what your perception is versus what is reality. Money is not finite- especially if you increase the value of your own personal worth and self-esteem.

Challenges are not negative- they are there to make you grow, learn and become a better person. See you at the finish line.


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