Victory: Recognize Your Natural Gifts

Have you looked at your skills and interests and noticed how certain talents just seem to be natural from the start of your life? Almost as if your DNA came with an instruction manual and you would be great with your hands, your mind, your feet, or particular hobbies and sports that come much harder to others? I believe as humans we all contain 3-5 areas of life that are natural gifts- and you need to consistently recognize and acknowledge your abilities so that your mind, body and soul understand that you are destined for success and greatness.

Many personal development and self-help authors discuss the ideas of a victory log when it comes to accomplishments through your life. The theory behind this relates to accenting the positive but also the ability to persevere even if you felt certain goals were unattainable. I recommend that you list 100 of your successes in a spiral notebook victory log, and also have this list posted somewhere within your home and on your laptop/desktop PC. It’s important to recognize what you have to offer in this world, from obtaining education degrees through special trainings you may have passed, winning awards to promotions at work, even the victories you have within your home and family environment as far as quality time and special traditions.

Tonight for instance we all sat around the kitchen table and played gin rummy as a family. We laughed, we talked, we shared and we all had a good time making the best hands we could with the cards that we had. My children love game nights like this- especially spontaneous ones where we just decide to do something without the television, stereo or computer on. Considering the earlier week drama, I consider quality time with my daughters a victory for pulling our family closer and making everyone feel special and important.

Victories in my life include graduating high school, graduating a 4 year college, marrying my soul mate in 2001, having two beautiful daughters through the miracle of adoption, running a successful independent disc jockey business for 15 years, writing for music magazines and websites for the past 20 years, bowling 3 perfect games, reading over 300 books a year for the past 3 years in a wide variety of non-fiction fields to my current daily blog entries with this blog.

I know people who have natural talent at activities in their childhood that put those interests on the back burner in adulthood. We only have one life to live- why would you want to squander away the biggest resource you can never get back- time? Age has nothing to do with it- it’s all about the effort and desire you want that will get you the victories in life. There have been millionaires created in their 60’s and 70’s for the first time. I’ve read stories of grandparents lifting cars off of humans to save lives and winning ultra-marathons. I know people who won’t let learning disabilities stop them from running a national television network.

So take the time and do two things today. Create a victory log of 100 personal successes you’ve had in your life and put that on paper. Second- think about 30 new victories/dreams you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years, and also record those in your notebook, a journal or on your personal computer. Capture the ideas and thoughts, then let them ruminate in your mind as you review them 2-3 times a day. If you are a visual person, cut out some ideal pictures of what you want for future vacations, homes, cars, etc. and post this vision board somewhere prominent in your home.

Celebrate your accomplishments- it will serve as fuel for the times you need a little kick of inspiration through perspiration. Let me know about some of your greatest victories and thanks again for your time in reading this.


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