Peace, Love and Tranquility

Some days you just have to approach happiness from an inner perspective. I love when I hear statements out in the world like, “I had a bad day because this person cut me off in traffic.” or “The rain gave me no energy to want to accomplish anything today.” You can make a conscious choice to not let any of life’s bumps in the road bring you down.

This morning at work a woman was having great difficulty as she didn’t have a companion to bring her down for day surgery, and she needed a wheelchair plus assistance to get down to the first floor. Since we didn’t have regular transport volunteers available until my shift ended, I called down to the emergency room and explained the situation to the nurse. Within 5 minutes someone came down to help. The woman thanked me twice for this service- something I would normally do anyway when I see people in need.

Contrast this with our current dilemma with our youngest daughter. She’s upped the ante so to speak in terms of gaining attention. We’ve always had difficulty with her portrayals of when she’s sick and when she’s feeling well- as well as when she’s in pain. There have been times that she’s taken a good fall in public for instance and we won’t hear a whimper out of her- but then she’ll lightly bump her knee against an end table and the screaming and crying will last for half an hour.

Between my wife and I we heard tonight she’s having back pain, stomach pain and broken her leg (even though the babysitter knew she hadn’t as she was walking on it fine). I made a conscious decision when she came home from school today that whatever she was going to do, I would stay within myself and maintain my composure. As she was getting upset by my lack of communication towards her- she stated that she had a good day but I was making her have a bad one. I replied, “I don’t know about you but I’m perfectly happy right now.” which she tried to turn into me saying, “so you think you are perfect?”.

In those moments where you want to defend your words, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it? Do you want to be right, or do you want to be peaceful and happy? In the grand scheme of things I know what I said and I’m not experiencing any sense of short term memory loss. I returned to my reading (Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, a business book about cashing in on your passion) and figured it would be best to let her stew in her own frustration.

With both my wife and I off for the weekend, we probably will employ a series of unique tactics to hopefully have my youngest see that she isn’t really getting what she wants currently by trying to make the house chaotic. If that means she doesn’t eat with the family or interact with us until she shows us proper words, a proper conversational tone and respect, then I’ll spend my time having fun with my wife and oldest daughter.

I’m still carrying with my the happy, loving moments that happened through the week. The kindness extended through my friends and family. The people who I encounter at work who give a fresh smile, a kind glance or a good word about what you are doing. My friends that I bowl with that can provide a hearty story to make me laugh. I choose to look at my world through a wide open bright light- and if she decides to join me on the journey, I welcome that chance.

The bottom line? There may be certain people in life you have to interact with, but it’s your choice if you let the days they are experiencing negativity drag you down or lift you to new heights. I consciously go towards the people who bring me joy and want to live happily for the next moment.


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