From Plan to Action

What seems to be hard for us in life is taking a plan and implementing it with action. Have you ever looked at what you want to accomplish for future goals, sights to see, vacation spots or career/ business/ personal goals? Do you write them down, put a deadline on them, list the obstacles and skills you may have to obtain for achievement, seek out the proper resources to help you and then take break down the goal into daily and weekly action steps to insure the best outcome?

I think if you want to become closer to accomplishing more than you ever thought possible, you need to set aside time to dream big dreams. A lot of the best personal development and self-help authors I know will set aside a day or two a month to just brainstorm and work on their goals. Even if you only start with writing 12 goals you want to accomplish within the next year and then implement the one that means the most to you over the next 30 days, you can begin there.

A process that works for me includes writing out the goals in the present tense on 3 x 5 index cards that I carry around with me. I will look at these goals 4-5 times a day: usually when I awake, a few times during the day and before I go to sleep. I close my eyes and visualize everything about the goal- the feelings behind accomplishment, what I see in terms of my five senses, and anything else surrounding the accomplishment. It’s better to shoot for the biggest dreams you can- because what do you have to lose in this life?

Some of the best master goal setters to look at when it comes to their material include the following books:

See You At The Top- Zig Ziglar
Personal Development for Dummies- Zig Ziglar
Goals- Brian Tracy
Eat That Frog- Brian Tracy
The Success Principles- Jack Canfield
The Aladdin Factor- Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen
The Power of Focus- Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt

I would also consider getting audio materials from speakers like Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins and Joe Vitale.

What can be fun is to find people that you admire and respect and be willing to partner up with them as far as goals accountability. Maybe once a week you have a check in session- it can be in person, online through chatting programs or email- or even on the phone- where the other person asks how you are doing with your goals and what you’ve been able to accomplish to date. They could then give you suggestions, feedback and possible future push and inspiration if you feel like you are running into difficulties or setbacks.

Another resource would be Success magazine. This monthly publication is on most major newsstands across the world- 96 pages full of the best minds in all areas of fitness, personal development, sales, business, sports, etc. You will walk away with hundreds of tips and insights that you may be able to apply to your own business, your own relationships, your own goals and your own total well being.

A combination of mental visualization, deep breathing techniques and reading In Pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick along with daily affirmations and setting the goal on a 3 X 5 card made one of my major bowling goals come to life so much easier a couple of years ago. For many years I had a desire to bowl a perfect 300 game, but I never set about the work to put myself in the best circumstances for achievement. When it came to my personal goals with co-owning a deejaying business, I remember my partner and I would have weekly planning sessions to see what we needed to do, where we wanted to go, what tools we needed to accomplish more of our goals and how we would split the workload to best achieve things.

It’s ok to plan- but set a dream with a deadline and move forward with at least 3 action steps weekly to the betterment of what you want out of life. No one else will want to help you if you are unwillingly to help yourself first.


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