Results: It’s All About The Bottom Line

When it comes to performance and outcomes, the bottom line will be results. Can you do it or not? Businesses survive on profits not losses- and as a worker within your career are you helping or hindering the cause? I spent my car ride to and from bowling tonight listening to Larry Winget- some would consider him the pitbull of personal development. He’s a straight shooter- he’s written a few personal development books- and he also was the host of a cable television show called Big Spender that aided couples and families who are mired in debt and gave no nonsense advice at digging out of the financial grave.

If you provide more value per hour worked, you should get rewarded with a higher rate of pay. People will pay attention to your productivity if it helps contribute to more money coming in to the company, or saving the company money through efficiency. It’s scary to look at your own work week and see where you are able to work on your highest reward tasks for your skill set that can help the company achieve better results. I know many of you believe you aren’t spending even half of your time in your strengths at work, which probably leads to tediousness, boredom and a possible lack in the desire to get even the most mundane tasks accomplished in a timely fashion.

When I worked in a high school cafeteria, I started at minimum wage. During the following 18 months, I worked as many hours as I could between after school and on weekends- bumping up my hours during the summertime. I would take the time to learn as many skills as I could within the kitchen- starting with the dish crew, food prep, short order cooking, unloading foot pallets, waiting tables for weddings and private parties, so on and so forth.

The cafeteria went through 3 bosses in that time- all noticing my work ethic and what I was able to bring to the cafeteria in terms of chemistry. I knew how to motivate and inspire people even when the kitchen would reach a boiling point in terms of heat. As a result I was able to receive better than average pay raises to the point that I was making almost as much as people that had been with the kitchen for 5-6 years. That wasn’t my mission from the start- I just believe that when I came to work, I worked. The results spoke for themselves.

You don’t have to always worry about the process to get the same results. I believe that 10 different people can have ten different methods to how they would handle a project- as long as they are able to accomplish what’s put forth in front of them, who am I to argue if one way is better than the other? Some people can get done in a quarter of the time what others may take 100 hours to accomplish.

So look into results if you are having trouble in a particular area of your life. Are you happy with your relationships? How about your finances? Do you enjoy your social life and friendships you engage in? Maybe the sports teams you play with aren’t going the way you imagined? Take a look at your results and see if there’s a way you can maybe add a new skill, take a new class, gain some insight from someone you admire with more experience- whatever it takes to help you gain the results you desire.

If you aren’t achieving the bottom line results you think you should- no one else will make the changes for you but you. I can’t make anyone love me. There’s no guarantee of 100% achievement in everything we set out to do. The better we prepare and plan and execute, the greater the probability of getting the results we desire.


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