What I’m Reading This Week

I figured now was a good a time as any to let people know what I’ve been reading over the past week or so and think about some of the ideas and concepts contained in these books. Usually at one time or another there is a mix of what I get from my library on loan and what I have purchased through the years in my reading catalog. I’ve been a reader who fluctuates between reading complete material in one sitting and also randomly handling books on a 20-30 page basis when I get a chance. I think it’s dependent on the depth of the subject, the author’s style and whether the material is heavier in terms of technical delivery versus basic, to the point self-help material.

On to the books:

Create Your Own Future- Brian Tracy

Yes I continue to devour everything this man writes. I also have a couple of his seminars on DVD that I recently bought at a discounted price, one regarding productivity and the other about secrets of self-made millionaires. Create Your Own Future outlines twelve principles that all readers should implement into their lives to have a better chance for success in any endeavor they put their minds to. Brian’s writing is very basic and to the point- but what I like most about his books are the mixture of facts, insights and personal stories based on his years and years of work in various businesses. He’ll often provide quick examples from people who’ve used these principles in action and report back to him their successes.

One concept he discusses is taking out a sheet of paper and writing out 10 goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. Place these goals in the specific, present tense and make them measurable goals. Look at this list and pick the one goal that you believe will have the most significant impact on your life now. Once you determine that, write out the skills and steps you would need to take to achieve this goal. Get going within 24 hours immediately on one of those steps to achieving this significant goal. It’s an exercise I think that needs to be done every year- not just as a New Year’s Resolution but to place accountability on what you want most of out of life and how you are going to go about achieving it.

I’m only 90 pages into this book but I know I’ll be completing this exercise at some point this weekend.

The Nonverbal Advantage- Carol Kinsey Goman

This book looks at the insights to picking up how people think and act without using words. Carol goes through with pictures and words how we convey numerous thoughts through eye contact, how we place our body positions for conversations, and how to use these skills to our benefit in presentation and sales situations. Studies show that over 90% of what people pick up on are nonverbal cues, so I think this book is an excellent read if you feel like you need some help in learning more about reading people beyond their words.

Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

One of the oldies but goodies in the personal development field, Napoleon studied under the great multi-millionaire Andrew Carnegie. The mastermind principle alone covered in this book is worth whatever you will pay to track it down. I’ve probably read this book 5 times alone and it’s one that I refer back to time and again. Napoleon is well aware of the fact that your mind is the single most powerful vehicle that drives all parts of your world to the riches you seek. There has to be a reason that 70 plus years after the first edition hit the book shelves that you see numerous versions coming out and selling again and again.

Have a wonderful weekend, be sure to break open a book and flood your mind with new ideas…


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