Honor People Every Day

Veterans Day gives attention to the military forces who help to keep our world safe and protected through the years. I’m sure you all know someone in your immediate or extended family that has served for the military at one point in their lives. I think it’s important though to not just pay special attention and give them praise on this day, but honor the work they provide every day. It also ties in to my belief that everyone needs appreciation, honor and support at some point in their lives- and the acknowledgment you provide will go a long way to boosting their morale and give them the strength to keep doing an excellent job in their lives.

I appreciate my extended family who provide relief and their experience when raising my children. They may not completely understand everything my wife and I go through, but their love, their praise and their patience goes a long way to providing a stable , nurturing environment for my children.

I appreciate the teachers in my daughters lives. Thanks to communication devices like email, we are better able to collaborate and problem solve on a daily basis, not letting things go until the point of no return. I realize my children have defined, strong-willed personalities, and they do the very best they can to keep the learning environment energetic, fun and secure for them.

I appreciate the long term therapists, pediatricians, and psychiatrists that provide services for us. No matter if they’ve seen my family once a month or once a week, we’ve assembled a great team who believe in the concept of doing what’s best long term versus band aid fixes with our children. They sometimes look at us and wonder how we can do what we do for all these years- but I believe the same of them, as they have to handle hundreds and hundreds of people each year and still maintain that same level of concern, individuality and patience that we have.

I appreciate my friends in all corners of my world- my music friends, my bowling friends, my childhood friends and my newer friends. You’ve listened to me vent and still stand by me. I hope that I’ve provided the same level of care and support in all of your personal and professional endeavors.

I appreciate the new company who took over the property where I live. In the 5 short months they’ve been in charge they’ve had to spend an enormous amount of cash to get systems back into shape, and they’ve also been very honest about what’s taking place and not giving us a load of excuses and hidden truths. Their staff is much kinder and willing to work with us when things break in our apartment due to normal wear and tear.

I appreciate the little things more and more each day. The air that I breathe, the birds that chirp outside my window, my two cats who greet me at the door each morning when I come home from work, the city library that keeps my mind strong and nurture my reading habit, and countless others. You need to look at the little things just as much as the big things in life- honor and appreciate at least 3-5 times a day and I think your heart will be stronger and your immune system will feel stronger.

I appreciate my wife who also willingly shares in our experience of raising adopted children together. She’s the best role model for teaching them to become individuals and also be responsible, respectful and real ladies. Character is built from within to be shown in not only your words but especially your actions- and we’ve been able to make this slow, steady journey of improving their lives one day at a time. We give each other strength when the odds seem stacked against us. She encourages me to be a better person every day, and she’s helped me to see that I can change for the better.

So be sure to honor people every day. You’ll feel so much better making someone else’s day shine.


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