Incremental Health Changes

I’ll be instituting some subtle health changes on a week to week basis, as I realize my lifestyle needs this. Working overnights means I sacrifice 3 hours of sleep per day that I would have when working first shift. Some afternoons I wake up refreshed- other days I wake up in a fog. I do take a multi-vitamin supplement and some Omega-3 supplements, and I make sure to get at least 8 glasses of water in per day. However, I’m guilty of grabbing the quickest meals at times when I don’t want to prepare food myself- and in my late 30’s this doesn’t help me in the long run when it comes to sustained energy.

I’m currently reading Andrew Weil’s book 8 Weeks to Optimum Health. I received the recommendation from a video blog entry with Kevin Rose from Digg on The Four Hour Work Week blog by Tim Ferriss. Both Tim and Kevin did a 13 minute segment on each of their 5 favorite books and this one hit Kevin’s list. Dr. Weil provides individual case studies along with the psychology and physical benefits behind the changes that you will be making.

It’s a slow, incremental process and that’s another aspect I enjoy. If you are going to make serious changes at anything when it comes to your lifestyle, you can’t change a number of things at warp speed. You have to introduce a few new items at a slow and steady pace, get used to them so that the following week you’ll add another component.

For instance in the area of exercise, Andrew suggests starting with a brisk walk five days a week for 10 minutes. That’s something that’s manageable even if you lead a busy lifestyle. I think anyone can carve out 10 minutes a day- be it a walk around your nearest track, up and down the stairs in your work place or on a treadmill. Each week he suggests you add another 5 minutes per day to the walks. Where people feel like they can’t make their exercise goals is they attempt to go for too much too soon- and then get burned out because of the expectations placed before them. If you start in week one with 30 minutes a day for 5 days, you may not give your body enough time to adjust and you may experience cramps, pulled muscles and other aches that will have you possibly throw in the towel by week two.

When it comes to diet, he makes two or three food choice suggestions per week, once again using a slow but steady introduction process. He’ll also provide the right supplement choices to add to your diet and what needs to be slowly taken out. Adding broccoli twice a week is something that is doable- versus other diets that want you to immediately eat certain foods that you’ve never introduced before in your diet every day. He also provides recipes for you to incorporate into your new lifestyle.

Beyond exercise and food choices, you’ll learn more about breathing techniques, becoming better acquainted with your surroundings, learning to take certain levels of stress out of your life and ideas that may seem a little out there but could contribute to your total well being. I’ll let people know how this journey goes- because I believe it’s worth a shot if I’m able to not only become more fit physically but also become fit in all areas of my world.

Treat your body like the temple that it is. The better choices you make now, the longer life you will lead and the more you will be able to experience. Have a wonderful day.


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