Many things come to mind when I think of this word. Musically, it’s the title to one of my favorite thrash albums of all time by Sacred Reich. Mentally, I hate experiencing this word. There’s nothing worse then when you know something is happening to you, you see someone that plays a part in the incident, and they act like you are the fool and have zero idea of what you are talking about.

I’m being evasive about the particular issue in question, but I know it happens to people all the time in the public eye. When customers are aware of their rights and a particular store’s policies, yet they are made to feel uncomfortable and insignificant when they lodge a concern or a complaint to an employee or manager. When you know you are getting overcharged for a particular service, despite the research you’ve done on price comparisons and the subject at hand.

Even when someone may say one thing to your face but treats you very poorly with their physical interactions or lack of eye contact- people aren’t oblivious to the fact when ignorance occurs.

My suggestion to people who think it’s better to pull one over on others- just don’t. You’ll be the person that’s looked at as the fool, and in the long run that sense of trust is very hard to return. If you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar so to speak, just fess up instead of making up a load of excuses.

My youngest daughter for instance this weekend, when not wanting to handle a discussion we were having about borrowing items in the house, figured it would be much easier to revert back to crying, yelling and pushing people away. Although the previous week we were told she was turning a new leaf, it’s amazing how in crisis mode she easily went for what she knows best- even if it doesn’t work out in her favor.

I do pay attention to my surroundings, and I hate when people immediately assume things about me that aren’t true. Are all quiet people stuck up snobs? If you are adopted does that mean you are doomed to a hard life? Do all men have to be handy men around the house? Think about what people assume about you through the years and how many times you feel like you have to prove to others you aren’t a stereotype, that you are an individual?

Empathy goes a long way to ending ignorance. Think of the issue from the other person’s perspective. Do you hate when people pre-judge you based on your appearance or your tone of voice, without taking into consideration the day you may have had? Give people the benefit before you doubt their intentions.

I’m not saying there aren’t ignorant people or situations in life. I’m just making you think about assumptions and clarify before you speak from a stance you may not be able to recover from. We’ve been blessed as a family through a lot of crisis situations where officials have given us the benefit of the doubt based on how my wife and I carry ourselves as people.

Character counts as an amazing deterent to ignorance- be confident that the truth will always set you free.


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