Random Events To Ponder

I’m enjoying this November weather prior to Thanksgiving. Sure we’ve had some monsoon like rain a couple of times this month- yet if the rain were snow, we would be dealing with feet of snow on the ground. Because we all know in this region of New England, the climate can change at the drop of a hat.

For the first time in a long while, I managed to cut myself on the silliest of things… moving an air conditioner to be stored at a friend’s house. Trying to be a he-man and lift it by myself, I received a number of cuts on my finger tips when I lost my grip on the ventilation portion near the front. When I looked down after putting it in, I saw the blood dripping. While attempting to clean up the cuts, my oldest daughter was gagging.

Note to self- hope that if you are fatally wounded with blood loss that someone else in addition to your daughters are there to save you. Thanks to the swift first aid action of J.M. (thank you for your always prepared for the worst thinking) I’m on the way to recovery. It looked worse than it actually was (about 8 paper cuts all together), and now I’m finding the biggest challenge is to type with 2 fingers on one hand and a full compliment on my other.

My wife loves the Lifetime Movie Network. She’ll watch the worst acting and the silliest plots, even to their conclusion. It’s pretty much all the same- an affair, a murder of some kind, an investigation, a trial and some shocking or twist for the ending. All wrapped up nicely in a two hour package- unless they end up showcasing some Danielle Steele mini-series and then you can double that.

My youngest daughter got the chance to sleep over a neighbor’s house. Which is a bonus for the other 3 members of the house. How so you ask? Well, even on the weekends she likes to be up between 7 and 8 am. That’s far to early on a weekend morning for me. I’m just trying to get a full compliment of sleep on those two days after working all the overnights. My oldest, my wife and I cherish the chance to just relax and re-charge are brains and bodies.

I received two more CD’s in the mail yesterday from my friend C.M. in IL. He is one of the metal music critics I admired through the years. His sense of humor was always spot on, and I’m sure he received his share of fan mail and hate mail about his thoughts. When he loved something, he would go to the ends of the earth about it- but he never minced his thoughts either if something was abysmal. Currently he plays in a number of bands and projects, each unique and for the most part to my liking. We will see if these two discs meet the cut and I’ll be reporting on them in the near future.

I read a book and a half yesterday. I’m almost done writing in my latest journal which is consistent with my fill a book in 90 days motto. Both of my cats provide entertainment in my life every day- as do my wife and daughters. I can’t believe we will be at Thanksgiving in a few days. Be sure to express gratitude, kindness and thoughtfulness during these holidays of the year. You can improve the lives of those around you even in small ways- be it through a quick e-mail, a surprising phone call or an in person visit.

I thank you for your time spent reading these entries.


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