Shoot For The Moon

There are times in life where we want to coast. I think we believe with the quick pace of work, family, travel, holidays, hobbies, etc. that we have little time left to pursue the bigger significant goals we want out of life. Maybe it’s our dream home, maybe it’s a lofty career, maybe it’s financial independence, maybe it’s watching a child graduate from college- but we fear taking the steps to shoot for the moon because we worry about all the time, effort and energy we need to expend in the accomplishment and achievement before us.

We need to remember that anything that we accomplish may happen in a particular moment, yet we forget to look at the weeks and months and possibly years of effort and energy we spent to get to that moment. Isn’t there a reason why it takes 12 years to get a high school diploma? Or months of study to gain a driver’s license? Even when you achieved mastery at your favorite sport or hobby- you didn’t get there after your first attempt or even your fifth. You studied, you worked, you learned, you asked others who were better, you listened, and you re-worked the process over and over again.

I remember becoming better at soccer in junior high due to the pick up recess games we would play in elementary school, 5 days a week- plus the summer training programs we had through our local community center program. Unfortunately by the time we reached high school, we didn’t have a varsity soccer program to be able to see if we could make it to the next level, but I do believe I learned a lot about the physical conditioning and mental toughness one needs to excel at any game- and applied these aspects to my bowling endeavors.

My daughters already have good ideas of what they want to do for their life long careers. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out mentors and experiences for them to really see if this is where they want to go. We are looking into internships, summer jobs and apprenticeships with people that we know so that they can have the best chance for success.

Be willing to shoot for the moon, because as personal development speaker and author Les Brown talks about, you may miss but it’s better than aiming low in life at a target and hitting. You’ll never know if you take that extra day, that different look, and accomplish something that another person would have given up on because they didn’t have that desire or willingness to go the extra mile.

Find people that have an interest at something you are naturally drawn to and be willing to pass on your ability and skills to this person. If you are a natural at reading, look for volunteer opportunities to help people with literacy or reading to the youth at story time. When it comes to sports, be willing to seek out coaching opportunities, even if it’s developing your own pick up games with your children in the backyard. When it comes to music, I always give my support especially to local bands who may not have ideas on what they need to do next to gain more of a following and get their music out to the right people to make a bigger impact on the world.

The more you help others, the better your self-esteem grows. You’ll be surprised how much the law of attraction comes back to you, and the seeds that you plant will multiply. It may not happen right away, but in the long term I think more good will come to you. Practice the art of living, loving and learning.


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