Half Full or Half Empty 2

We live in a different economic climate these days. Some states in the USA are reporting double digit unemployment numbers. Even if you do have a job, many of us this year have seen health insurance costs passed on to us, raises suspended or frozen, and others having to take some unpaid furlough time or risk being laid off. It’s very easy to be swayed into thinking there’s no hope for your future and that we will be stuck in these recession times for years.

I went through the same feeling during my college years of the early 1990’s. I worried about finding the right career after obtaining my degree. I realized quickly that if you really are sincere about who you are as a person and get to know others through your lifetime (plus make a regular habit of keeping in contact with them), your chances of survival are much higher.

Luckily for me, I continued through my college career developing my own deejay business with my best friend and partner. We pooled all of our extra income back into the business, updating our look, our equipment and continually striving to offer the biggest production at the best prices. When I finished college I started on a path of teaching- obtaining an emergency private school job in my town thanks to the headmaster of the school following my career. I made an impression not just working in his cafeteria for four years, but also through my work in the community and my academic accolades.

When I moved into my current work at a hospital, my father-in-law gave me the heads up about an opening on the overnights. I spent years debating whether I wanted to work at this particular place of employment- but knew that now would be the right time to do this because of our child care needs. When it comes to adoption, I didn’t want my daughters to spend a long time getting to know us or form attachments. Being that they were older children, we knew the road would be harder and bumpier- so I felt it would be easy for one of us to be at home with the kids when they got home from school. I’ve never regretted the decision- I love my work, I love my wife, I love my daughters and I think they are growing up to be wonderful young ladies as a result of the security and consistent parenting models they receive.

You can always do something to move you in the direction of your goals. If you don’t have the dream job you desire, find someone who’s working in that field and ask them for advice about the skills and people they need to know to get into that field. I’m going to take some advice from Jack Canfield that he posed in the January 2010 issue of Success magazine. He believes this year everyone should take one new activity they’ve never done before and spend 30 consecutive days doing that activity. Some of his ideas include: 30 minutes per day of aerobic exercise, reading 30 minutes a day in the personal development/ self-help field, call one of your children on the phone, drink 10 glasses of water per day, and so forth. Imagine how much stronger you would be in mind, in body, in spirit, if you added 12 new life skills to your personal balance sheet?

Now is the time to take matters into your own hands. There are universal principles that apply in any time period to make things better for your life. Study people who made their success in tough time periods of life: especially the great depression of the 1930’s and 1940’s. It’s so easy to put the blame on the government, on your parents, on where you live, or any other external circumstance. Take the time to look within yourself and I bet if you spend more time working on yourself, the ideas and goals you need to accomplish to get further ahead will be staring at the mirror in front of you.


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