The House Is Sick…Literally

Figured I would give people an update in the household. We’ve been lucky enough to pass on a 24 hour bug to each others. At least 3 out of the 4 of us have had some form of it in the past 6 days. This started with my youngest daughter, moved on to my wife and then I have some form of it today. The holidays are already challenging enough with the girls and birth family memories- but being sick on top of it takes this to a whole new level.

I tried to do what I could while I was feeling well. That included some laundry and a trip to the store to buy antiseptic supplies, ice pops for my wife and some ginger ale for its medicinal properties. I haven’t had a real full night’s sleep all week. It’s hard when everyone is running to either bathroom and you sleep in the living room (so you can stay away from your wife’s germs) and it’s like a bunch of pit stops at a raceway.

Since we live so close to the mall, we got the chance to experience all the traffic first hand for Black Friday. Both my daughters thought it would be cool to get to the mall when it opened at 6am. By 7:30, their money was gone and they wanted a ride home. Both of them couldn’t handle the large crowds. The younger one wouldn’t listen to the older one while she was going from store to store to buy her Christmas gifts. Can you tell shopping is such a fun experience around our household?

At least I know when things are in crisis mode, my oldest daughter remembers what she was taught from babysitting class to make people feel calmer and safer. My wife was having an asthma attack earlier today and she knew how to get her to puff her inhaler when she physically couldn’t. I guess earlier this summer when my wife fainted at the beach she knew what to do to revive her as well. I’m not so sure my youngest will know what to do other than to freeze and possibly scream.

I’m going to attempt to eat some chicken for supper tonight. Everything I’ve had in the past 5 hours has quickly exited my system almost as quickly as it went in. I guess I’m lucky that I haven’t felt the cramps as badly as my wife and oldest daughter had, but at this point I’m very tired of the house being sick. It brings the mood down of the house, everyone is irritable and you can’t get as much done as you would like.

So everyone have a wonderful weekend. I truly am grateful for all of the commentary through all of the social media websites regarding my blog. I’m hoping that it gives you some food for thought and also some practical items to possibly put into action. Think if you are having a tough day that there’s always someone else who may need your ray of sunshine to brighten their world. It can be as simple as asking, “What’s going on?” and then sitting back to listen. We all need to feel love, appreciated and heard.


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