Channel Persistence

I admire the level of persistence in this family. At times when it’s focused in the right direction, it can bring about tremendous results. I’m sure other people given similar circumstances would fold up like a deck of cards at much of what’s gone on in my daughters pasts. Yet we’ve worked hard with our thoughts and actions that if you put the right amount of application and study into your efforts, you may reap the results you desire.

My oldest daughter has been expressing more of an interest in cheerleading. Given her outgoing personality and normal loud demeanor, I think this is a perfect fit for her to channeling energy in the right direction. Try-outs are going on this week so we will see how things go this year. The last time she tried out she didn’t quite make the cut, but I think part of the issue was she figured by just being there, she would automatically be picked. No extra time working on the moves at home. No asking the other cheerleaders if she could work with them on some specific moves she may be having troubles getting.

How many times in life do you think there’s a match up problem between what the mind desires and what the actual outcome is? I think we as humans have a difficult time translating initial enthusiasm for all the work you need to put into it physically, emotionally and time-wise to achieve the goal in mind. I had a friend growing up who was an excellent cheerleader not only because she wanted to be a good cheerleader in her head- she was willing to spend the hours during practice and after school to accomplish her goals. Sure you may reach a point where you can practice smarter in less time- but I believe in order to achieve good to great status at anything, the time needs to be put in for mastery, mistake making and continuous learning.

I remember in my local community many people admired my ability to bowl well. They may not have seen all the hours I spent soaking in the environment, keeping score for other leagues/ tournaments (back before the days of automatic scoring), going to the lanes during the after school programs and bowling for a few hours before supper time, learning more in leagues on the weekends and traveling from center to center during my youth days all the way through to my college bowling career. My parents as coaches spent a lot of time practicing the fundamentals. I willingly asked others questions where I could, attempted new ways of doing things and applied what worked to my game.

I also know to be a good writer I can’t just state, “I’m a good writer!” – I need to do the action day in and day out. That’s why I write about music, that’s why I journal, that’s why I developed this blog- to give my mind and fingers the discipline to craft, revise, think and apply. I read other great authors to learn from their technique, see what they excel in and see where I can improve.

So look back at something you really want to excel in. How much effort are you really putting towards this achievement? Are you taking two steps forward everyday to achieve your goal? What outside sources are you seeking to partner up with if need be? It may not happen overnight, but I truly believe a number of little actions consistently taken propel you forward towards all of your eventual outcomes. Even when there are setbacks- learn from them and don’t take them as permanent markers.

We all fail and we all fall- as humans the ability to dust ourselves off and persist makes us achieve more than others in the animal kingdom.


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