What’s Your Challenge to Conquer Today?

I refuse to let problems get the best of me. It may be a simple semantic play on words, but I prefer to look at obstacles, roadblocks, setbacks and any of life’s little negatives as challenges. I’ve found through my lifetime that the more time I spend stewing and fuming about an issue, the more out of control and in proportion that same issue becomes- to the point where I want to run away or act like the challenge never existed.

Parenting definitely qualifies as a challenge with tremendous benefits. Seeing your children make good decisions based on your modeling. The times when they extend themselves without any regard for an immediate reward. The successes they make in school, at work, with friends, with family- it’s captivating to see your sons and daughters go through some of the same struggles as we did growing up. As much as I want to save and protect my children and have them live in a plastic bubble the rest of their lives- I can’t. My challenge with parenting is to maintain the balance between providing the proper guidance while letting them live their own lives.

My challenge with my writing is sometimes as easy as expressing myself accurately. I want to be honest with my opinions and accurate with my feelings. When it comes to critiquing music, I believe I have an obligation to put myself in the mind of a consumer and decide if it’s worth the money and energy to invest time in a band’s product. Yes the record companies provide a great service with all of the albums they send me- but I do believe we live in a time period where the amount of quality product does not equal the sheer numbers that exist from week to week. If you only have a finite amount of dollars to spend on your entertainment needs, how often would you seek out something new versus a tried and true veteran group that’s been there for you for decades?

For some people their challenge is just making it to the next day. Imagine the people who are struggling with chronic diseases or are homeless and wonder where they are going to receive their next meal or find a warm, safe place to sleep. If you think you are having a tough life, go take the time to visit people in a children’s hospital or the burn ward and maybe you’ll have a different outlook on your own experience. Challenge your mind and body in those days to look back at another time where you were able to overcome a setback you thought was impossible- and see if you can apply the strategies you learned to your current situation.

My challenge when it comes to personally developing relates to focus. There is so much I want to do, experience, share and be- that sometimes I become frozen with how to break tasks down and understand that you can’t achieve everything all at once. Mark Victor Hansen and Jim Rohn discuss in many of their books and audio material the fact that goals need different time lines- some things can be within your grasp in a month while others may take 10 or 20 years to come to fruition. I’m working more on setting daily, weekly and monthly targets to achieve the right balance in my professional and personal life dreams.

So let’s look into what your biggest challenge to conquer is today- and see if you can tackle that challenge with at least one or two steps forward every day. Write it out, mind map, brainstorm, partner up with someone who has a different skill set than you, seek out mentors from the business world- there’s always a way to get started if you are willing to go the extra mile. Challenges don’t solve themselves- people solve challenges.


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