Milestones: Bench Markers to Life

As I creep ever so close to the end of my 30’s, I reflect often on what I’ve been able to overcome and accomplish through the years. The joys of fatherhood, of marriage, of graduating high school and then college, of all the jobs I’ve been fortunate to have through the years. I want these same dreams to take place in my daughters lives when they are ready for them. I watch as they so much want to chase life and have it come to them easily, but as we all know to lead a successful life it does take a certain amount of hard work and investment of time.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been driving a car for over 20 years, but imagine what type of working life I could have without it? How many people in today’s society can say they work in the same town or city they live in? I’ve never taken the privilege or responsibility of driving lightly. Even today in the sheets of rain that hit the highways as I return home from my work commute, I know it’s important to give people space to merge into traffic and prepare yourself for the possible flooding and hydroplaning that can take place on a less than ideal weather day. I know I have many more milestones to achieve.

Getting married can be a milestone for stability and maturity, but to me the real achievement takes place in the day to day ability to work together for common goals. My wife and I make things click because we have taken the time to know what works with each other, what can irritate the other but also spend the time communicating. It can be a brief 2 minute conversation on the phone, a quick text message or even a long discussion about the day’s events over dinner- there’s not a morning or evening that goes by that we don’t express our love and admiration towards one another.

I’m about to start my 4th journal book of the past year. Each one contains page after page of thoughts, events, feelings, quotations, observations, insights, and explorations into my developing mind and craft. I capture at least a page a day, whether I’m happy, sad, angry, tired, fearful or excited. They may not be worth a lot in the monetary sense to most people, but to be journals are priceless because it’s allowed me to share on paper what I sometimes fear to share in real life. I can look at what I’ve said in black and white or from multiple perspectives and possibly work out a number of challenges that seemed impossible to solve.

I look forward to becoming a grandparent (hopefully not for at least another 5-7 years), to mentoring others who are willing to explore their dreams, to travel to destinations I’ve yet to experience in my lifetime. There’s no need for me to settle when it comes to life- I’d rather set the bar higher and from a new direction so I can really see what the possibilities are.

So look back at what you’ve achieved in life, pat yourself on the back but also think about what you want to do and where do you want to be in the next year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years down the road. What kind of job do you have, what kinds of clothes do you wear, what type of house will you live in, where would you like to travel, who would you like to meet, what accomplishments do you want to have under your belt? Engage in fantastic dreams- write them out to your heart’s content- and then as Brian Tracy often talks about in his discussions- go forward in the pursuit of your dreams!


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