Anticipation… It’s Making Me Wait

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to times growing up where you couldn’t wait for special days to arrive. Birthdays seemed like they took an eternity and Christmas appeared to be years away in your head. The times when the presents are under the tree and your parents go to bed early where you just die with anticipation over what you are getting. Your mind can’t handle the waiting, the knowing that you have something special that you’ve been yearning for but can’t have until the end of December.

I’m watching and re-living this experience every year in my immediate family. The double bonus I have in my house is one of my daughters has a birthday a couple of weeks before Christmas. She hates surprises, so she’s aware of the fact that we’ve bought a very special present for her birthday, but doesn’t like the fact that she doesn’t know exactly what it is. She’s been attempting to use her younger sister as a spy of sorts to peer into various shopping bags and know ahead of the day what the item(s) are.

I think back a few decades ago when my brother and I would sneak down the creeky wooden stairs in our house to look at presents ahead of time. My mother was the massive present taper of all time, so we had to be meticulous in our sneak-a-peak methods. Sometimes they would place fake boxes underneath the tree and leave the real presents hidden in their bedroom closet or in the attic out of sight. We wanted to get up at 3 or 4 in the morning on Christmas day, but our parents made us wait until at least 6 am… so I’m not really surprised at how early my kids want to open presents (3 or 4 am).

I’m feeling this same anticipation for my first major bowling tournament of the season tomorrow. Last season was a breakthrough for me in terms of consistent cashing and higher performances. I love the energy, the teamwork, the challenge, the people, and the freshness of bowling in a house I only see once a year. I probably will have a short sleep session tonight, as I can’t wait to just drive up to the center and get a chance to talk with the owner and the other regulars who bowling in this house. So to me tournament season and holiday season resemble one and the same.

We are expecting our first decent amount of snow during the evening-time tomorrow. I didn’t expect this late in the year to not get away without some white flakes on the ground. The city where I live is playing a downtown stroll, along with some entertainment and a tree lighting ceremony. I enjoy these aspects of life, where people get the chance to share together the spirit of the holidays. It’s something that doesn’t get enough practice in many parts of the world. The spirit of giving, the spirit of sharing, the spirit of caring.

Here’s hoping for great celebrations in your world this holiday season. I’m off to take in more movies, more books and reflect daily on what I’m grateful for.


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